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BTD’s “Capital One Bowl Mania” New Year’s Eve Update!

Let’s check in on the field before the College Football Playoff starts.

CFP National Championship Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

Well it’s almost the New Year, which means parties and fireworks and celebrations, but it’s also means that you’re running out of time to make up ground in our “Capital One Bowl Mania” challenge. There’s only five more bowl games will be on the slate for the first day of 2018, headlined by the College Football Playoff match-ups and after that, it’s National Championship or bust. Are you still in the mix? Let’s take a look at the leaderboard below.

The Leaderboard

T-1. Cullan2525 1 (24 Points)

T-1. Snore1a 1 (24 Points)

T-3. NinerTheSavior (22 Points)

T-3. RI3 (22 Points)

T-3. Gary the beaver (22 Points)

T-6. Connor Pelton 2 (21 Points)

T-6. fiji.siv 1 (21 Points)

T-6. espn35798232 1 (21 Points)

T-6. TFlath (21 Points)

T-6. The_Coach_BTD (21 Points)

If your name isn’t up there, then you best hope you picked a near perfect slate on January 1st and have that championship game all lined up correctly. At this point, that might be your only hope. But if your name is up there, then awesome job so far! Let’s see if you can pull it out in the final days of the contest by taking a quick look at the full schedule for the remaining bowl games.

Monday, January 1st

  • Outback Bowl: Michigan v. South Carolina (12:00 PM, ESPN2)
  • Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl: #7 Auburn v. #12 UCF (12:30 PM, ESPN)
  • Overton’s Citrus Bowl: #14 Notre Dame v. #17 LSU (1:00 PM, ABC)
  • Rose Bowl: #2 Oklahoma v. #3 Georgia (5:00 PM, ESPN)
  • Allstate Sugar Bowl: #1 Clemson v. #4 Alabama (8:45 PM, ESPN)

Monday, January 8th

  • College Football Playoff National Championship: TBA v. TBA (5:00 PM, ESPN)