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Festivus Mailbag! Send Us Your Dam Questions!

We will wrap our answers very nicely and send them back to you

Happy Festivus friends!! Adorn your Festivus pole, air your grievances and perform your feats of strength, and then send us some Dam Questions.

Hit us up with your Oregon State, and non Oregon State related questions. We are here to help you navigate life, love, friendship and of course all things Oregon State. So send us your burning questions, whether it be “Will Jonathan Smith make Saturdays suck less next fall?”, “Do you think the Tinkle family would adopt me so I could be good at basketball too?” or “Which Oregon State coach would dominate the feats of strength at your Festivus party?” our “experts” are here to help. Just send us a question via the comment section below, hit us up on twitter @BuildingTheDam, where you are always welcome to slide into our DM’s, you can hit us up on our Facebook page or send a nicely worded email to and we’ll answer them in our Dam Q&A!

Just remember that anything handwritten is out because we don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children... and you know, we gotta save some trees for our friends.

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