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BTD Roundtable: Is Cory Hall the next permanent OSU head coach?

Is it time to go #HallIn with Cory Hall? Building The Dam Writers discuss their thoughts

Stanford v Oregon State Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The Cory Hall hype train is rolling in Corvallis with the Beaver football team looking considerably better under his direction. The players also seem to have great faith in him as they have a petition circulating to retain him, which has already reached 1,000 signatures.

As a group that obviously wants to see the program succeed, we at BTD recently got together and chatted about the positives and negatives of keeping Hall on as the Beavs’ head coach. Here’s what we have to say on the subject.

Robert Ingle: With regard to coach Hall, I like him...but he is young. Two observations:

- we would have won the game if Nall hadn't fumbled. Hall (or another coach) should have said, "we don't care if you get taken for a loss of yardage, just hold the ball with both hands" prior to that series.

- Hall tried to call time out before the TD but was unable to get he refs attention. He was unable to because immediately prior he was trying to hype up the team on the sideline and get the players pumped. Then he looked out and saw the mismatch, but was too far away to get the TO called. I like that he is energetic, but a long time experienced head coach would have been near a ref.

Leo Castaneda: Good things to point out. Fortunately those things should be easy to fix (and hopefully quickly) as he gains experience and seeks knowledge from consultants and other coaches. He's already got so much support from players and recruits which is impressive in this situation. And look at the freaking product he's put on the field that last two weeks! He's made things fun for everyone involved.

Travis Johannes: He's kinda put OSU in a weird position in a way. If they don't hire him there's gonna be some backlash from players, and I'm not sure how well it would work to keep him on staff but not be HC. I think you may be some division in the locker room as players look to him as their leader even though he's not HC. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. I would be curious to what changes would be made on the staff if he were to get the full time job. I love him as a recruiter though. When you're not at a program that sells itself you need something a little extra and he seems to have that. I still think they need to go through the interview process and see what is out there, but if this trend continues I would not be upset if they hired Hall. Right now he’s kinda neck and neck with Beau Baldwin for me.

Robert Ingle: I told my dad that the university almost would have to hire Hall if he beat Stanford and Oregon. I suppose it depends on the alternatives. Corvallis is hard to recruit to, so a younger guy that can relate to recruits with NFL experience could be what we need

Joe Londergan: I agree with Robert. The recruiting value of a younger guy can't be underestimated. In my opinion, he's a low risk, high reward hire. Being a first year head coach, his starting salary wouldn’t be anywhere close to what they were paying Gary Andersen. So the financial burden would most likely be minimal. Plus, even if he doesn’t work out, the way the last several years have gone it wouldn’t exactly be a fall from grace for the program.

Brian Moore: I would like to see a scenario of the Beavs hiring Hall as HC, but spending more money on big time assistants and top of the line coordinators. Hall is really connecting with the kids and recruits. Kids play hard for him.

Maybe getting a former HC here to consult and guide Cory Hall.

What do you think readers? Is Hall the guy for the job? Would he benefit from having an experienced coach around as a consultant? Who would it be?