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Beavers at Pac-12 Media Day

Gary Andersen, Nick Porebski and Victor Bolden Jr all made the trip to California to talk to the Media.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Each Pac-12 team sent their Head Coach and two players from the team to represent their programs at Pac-12 Media Day. Oregon State sent Victor Bolden Jr and Nick Porebski, the Australian Punter. Porebksi was the only full-time special teams player represented at Pac-12 Media Day. Some pointed to the Beavers lack of playmakers on defense and mocked Oregon State for bringing a special teams player. But Nick Porebksi was a hit and entertained the media with his personality and Australian accent.

Nick Porebski even brought some jokes with him to Media Day saying:

"I was hoping I wouldn't get asked all the questions about offense and defense because I have no idea. I'm just going out there and punting the footie."

Head Coach Gary Andersen was asked about his difficult and at times discouraging first season at Oregon State but Andersen didn't seem discouraged at all instead he appeared optimistic and energetic. He said that he enjoys the challenge, but also acknowledged that there is a lot of work left for him and his staff to do.

Andersen also wasn't shy about putting pressure on Victor Bolden when asked about his talented wide receiver.

Gary Andersen also seems to have put a renewed focus on physicality and winning the battle of the trenches. He wasn't confident that Oregon State's offensive and defensive lines were a strength yet. But one thing is for sure, Oregon State has been hitting the weight room.

Victor Bolden seemed comfortable in front of the bright lights of Hollywood. He told the media that he enjoys playing alongside Jordan Villamin and more than anything loves catching a deep pass. He also called upon the offense as well as the defense to step up if Oregon State wants to have a successful season.

As Pac-12 Media Day comes to a close, Gary Andersen and his players will head back to Corvallis and prepare for the quickly approaching fall camp. Overall, Oregon State's representatives seemed optimistic and are very excited for this upcoming season.