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The Road To Omaha Will Go Through The Southeast

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The road to Omaha will go from locations (far) southeast from there this year.
The road to Omaha will go from locations (far) southeast from there this year.

The 16 regional hosts for the 2016 NCAA Baseball Tournament have been announced, and the road to Omaha will go through the southeast portion of the country.

A record 7 regionals will be held in SEC ball parks, with the ACC right behind, with 6 more. And the only non-Power 5 host is in the deep south as well, as in Lafayette, LA, where UL-Lafeyette of the Sun Belt will host.

The only 2 remotely western sites are the regionals hosted by TCU in Fort Worth, and Texas Tech, in Lubbock, both Big XII schools.

The northernmost regional is in Louisville, KY, which means all teams from the west, including the Pac-12, as well as the Big West, and also all teams from the north, will be headed to the hot and humid southeast next weekend.

SEC hosts include Texas A&M in College Station, LSU in Baton Rogue, Florida in Gainsville, South Carolina in Columbia, Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi State in Starkville, and, of course, Vanderbilt in Nashville.

In addition to Louisville, ACC hosts are Florida State in Tallahassee, Miami in Coral Gables, North Carolina State in Raleigh, Clemson in Clemson, and, of course, Virginia in Charlottesville. Florida State and Virginia have the second fewest wins of the regional hosts, 37 each, the same win total as Arizona, while North Carolina State received a regional with 35 wins, the same number as Oregon State had this year.

The remaining 48 teams that will travel, and who is going where, will be announced tomorrow morning.