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Beavers Handle Bears in Dam City Showcase 6-2

The baseball Beavers picked up another non-conference win over Central Arkansas to move to 21-7 on the year.

Beaver Nation packed the house for this game against the Bears and while the Beavers did not play their best game they played well enough to never make the game truly feel like it was in question.

Jake Thompson was on the mound to start for the Beavers and while he did not have his best stuff he brought enough to let his defense make plays. Not much was required in the first though, as he only allowed one walk in the away half of the inning. The Beaver offense brought in a run in B1 with a Jack Anderson RBI walk, but that was the only run scored despite loading the bases after some well taken at bats.

Oregon State added a couple of runs in the second as well after a mistake by the Bears. After the Beavers got runners on first and second they looked to move the runners over with a bunt. The Bears third baseman was quick to field the ball and thought he could get Larnach going to third, which he could have, but he airmailed the throw which allowed Larnach to score and Grenier to reach third. Donahue hit into a groundout but the run still scored which brought the score to 3-0 after two innings.

Central Arkansas made their push back in the 4th when they got a lead off single and a double to follow it up. That left runners and 2nd and 3rd with no outs. A sac fly and a ground-out were enough to score the runners and they brought the score back to 3-2 Beavers. Oregon State would answer in the bottom of the 4th quickly when Grenier would score off of a Madrigal single to bring it back to 4-2.

The final threat came in the 6th when Jake Thompson was taken off the mound for Scotland Church after giving up a one-out walk. Thankfully Logan Ice had just made a terrific pick-off throw to first on a strike or the situation may had been more dire. Church came in and struck out the first batter he faced but allowed a double to put runners at 2nd and 3rd. He battled the next batter and forced a fly-out to escape the jam.

That was the last threat the Beavers faced in this game, they also dumped on two more runs with a Donahue triple and a Harrison sac fly. Jordan Britton came in to close out the game over the last three innings and he earned the save as well.

Thompson walked away with the win and the Beavers are up to 21-7 on the season with one more game in the series tomorrow.