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Seth Collins Back With Beavers

Seth Collins is back in orange and black.
Seth Collins is back in orange and black.
(Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

Seth Collins has rejoined the Oregon State football team.

Head Coach Gary Andersen today announced the sophomore to be will be a receiver, which was Andersen's vision for the future as of the end of last season. That decision prompted Collins, who started the majority of the Beavers games at quarterback last season, before being injured then used as a quasi-receiver/back in the Civil War, to initially decide to transfer to Northern Illinois, with the intent of continuing to play quarterback.

Collins couldn't transfer immediately (Northern Illinois is on the semester system), and remained not only in Corvallis, but continued to take classes during winter term, and now, in spring term.

When spring practice began, Collins was frequently seen in attendance, fueling all sorts of rumors.

Today, the rumors were set aside, or at least moved along to what will actually happen next.

Collins won't participate in the remaining sessions of spring practice, or this coming Saturday's Spring Game, but is working in the team's weight room program.

"The return of Seth to our program is a decision supported by the leaders of this team, our coaching staff and myself," Andersen said. "We have a plan that will take place over the next few months for Seth to earn his way back in the mainstream of our program. He is fully prepared to accept the responsibility and make up for the time he has missed."

"I'm very humbled that my teammates and coaches have provided me the opportunity to rejoin the team," Collins added.

Collins accounted for 14 touchdowns last season, throwing for 6 and running for 8.

Andersen also emphasized that while he and Collins have differed on strategy and tactics, there's been no "issues".

"It's important to note that since arriving at Oregon State, he has been an excellent student, and has had zero off the field issues. He has remained on campus and in classes at Oregon State throughout the entire process."