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New OSU Band Uniform First Look

Last night at the Oregon State women's basketball game, we all got an eye-popping look at the bright pink uniforms the Beavers donned for their fight against cancer. But it wasn't the only new look unveiled.

The Oregon State University Marching Band, the oldest band in the Pac-12 (dating to a quarter century before there was a Pacific Coast Conference, the first incarnation of our circle of friends), also shared the first sample of the new uniforms they will debut this fall.

New OSU Band Uniform Front

The new look, long anticipated *, not only incorporates the new Beaver logo, and the new script spelling on the gauntlets, but also embraces the new trend of grey on black subdued lettering (and an understated OSU orange on orange on the sleeve), yet also retains ample amounts of both orange and black, and the striking outline of the letters on the back that make the uniforms stand out, unmistakably representing Oregon State at a glance from any distance. The best of both sides of the design world.

* - The new uniforms were originally hoped and planned to debut last season, but outfitting well over 200 members is a substantial task, not to mention a substantial bill, out-distancing even outfitting a football team that's not even half the size.

New OSU Band Uniform Back

The styling is modernized, yet also stays close to the well established brand look. And the new design allows the familiar uniform and equipment complimentary components to maintain the overall look, making the redesign fiscally responsible as well as visually satisfying, in an era where we know appealing to 16 & 17 year old recruits translates directly to the quality of what is put on the field.

One more reason to look forward to a football season that will feature an extra home date!

Can't wait to see them 220 strong or so coming down Ralph Miller drive for Beaver Walk the first time.