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Oregon St. NCAA Sub-Regional Announced

Oregon St. will host a sub-regional in the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournement.
Oregon St. will host a sub-regional in the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournement.
(Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

Oregon St. learned the details of their Sub-Regional when the NCAA announced the field and brackets for the 2015 Women's Basketball Championship Tournament.

After a 26-4 season, and a 16-2 Pac-12 campaign that won the conference regular season championship, all school best ever accomplishments, Pac-12 Coach of the Year Scott Rueck's Beavers finished ranked #10 in the nation, and were rewarded with a 3? seed, and get to be 1 of 16 hosts for first round sub-regionals.

Oregon St. is a 3 seed, and will host South Dakota St. at 2 PM on Friday, with 6-seed George Washington and 11 seed Gonzaga also at Gill, with their game at 4:30 PM. The first day winners will meet on Sunday.

It will be the first time an Oregon St. basketball team has hosted an NCAA playoff game in 53 years, since the men did so in 1962. (In many of those years, hosting was not possible, due to differences in format.)

The Beavers are in the Spokane, WA, Regional, which has Maryland as the #1 seed. Tennessee is the 2 seed.

The 4 #1 seeds are defending National Champion Connecticut, the overall #1 seed, Notre Dame, South Carolina, and Maryland.

The Pac-12 got a total of 5 teams into the tournament.

Arizona St. will host as a #3 seed, facing Ohio on Saturday. Texas A&M and Arkansas-Little Rock round out the Tempe sub-regional, which is in the Greensboro Regional, where South Carolina is the #1 seed.

The Spokane and Greensboro region winners will meet in the semi-finals.

Stanford will host as a #4 seed, playing Cal St. Northridge Friday, with Oklahoma and Quinnipiac also in their group, in the Oklahoma City regional, which has Notre Dame as the #1 seed.

Washington is also in the the Oklahoma City regional, as a 6 seed. The Huskies will play Miami Friday in Iowa City, with Iowa and American University in their group.

The Cardinal and Huskies would not meet unless they both win their way to the regional final, in the elite 8 round.

California is also hosting as a #4 seed, on Friday against Wichita St. Texas and Western Kentucky are also in that group, which is in the Albany, NY, region, which has Connecticut in it.

The Oklahoma City and Albany regional winners will meet in the other semifinal.

The Final 4 will be in Tampa, FL, this year.

2 Pac-12 teams were also invited to the 64 team Women's NIT, with Washington St. hosting Eastern Washington on Wednesday, and UCLA hosting Cal St. Bakersfield on Thursday.