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Beavers Defeat Lions in Tight Struggle

Oregon State finally has a chance to get back on the court and redeems themselves with a 79-70 win.

Drew Eubanks throws down against Loyola-Marymount. He did this more than once tonight.
Drew Eubanks throws down against Loyola-Marymount. He did this more than once tonight.
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The game started off tight with Loyola Marymount leaping out to a 5-0 lead, but neither side could take a demanding jump forward. They kept it within a couple of scores with defense and missed shots by both teams. It wasn't an especially well played half as both teams could not make some open shots and both had some sloppy play. Nothing of note really happened as both teams just pretty stayed side by side, unable to breakaway until they walked into the locker rooms with the Beavs kept a narrow lead at 30-29 after twenty minutes of play.

In the second half Oregon State got out to a quick lead with a handful of buckets from Langston Morris-Walker and Drew Eubanks. The Beavers could not keep them down though, after a timeout Loyola Marymount came charging right back to bring the game back to a tie. This started a similar sequence as the Beavers again drove out to a multiple possession lead but had several poor turns on defense and the Lions took advantage.

This was a reoccurring pattern and it went up through the 6 minute mark after the Lions had answered a Tres Tinkle 3 with another short run to pull it back to 56-55. From there OSU finally started to string together stops and buckets starting with a Derrick Bruce three. Tinkle was next to add a free throw which was followed by OSU entering the penalty when Bruce fouled a Lion up top with a bump.

While it seemed like a cheap call and a bad one for the Beavs it paid off when Brandon Brown bricked the front end of a one and one and the Beavers got another free throw from Eubanks and put the lead up to 8 with a Stephen Thompson Jr. got a steal and a lay up. The Lions still wouldn't go away though with a jumper from Steven Haney and a layup, but the Beavers finally put together a good enough mix of defense and shot-making.

From that point forward OSU answered just about any LMU shot. Second chance points on a rebound? Stephen Thompson Jr. three pointer. Multiple offensive rebounds for a 3. Olaf bangs down a triple. They were just trading buckets and the Beavers rode that wave all the way to the finish line, capping it off with a GPII dunk. OSU got back to their winning ways at home 79-70 and much of that was thanks to the freshmen.

The freshmen were the dominant force in this game, Eubanks was great on the boards and at the rim. His length affects shots he can't block and he still had 2 more to add to his yearly total. Stephen Thompson Jr. was more aggressive on offense and disruptive on defense. He was just more assertive overall and looking to leave his mark on the game. He had a couple threes that were well timed and kept the Beavers ahead as well.

And GP II tied his dad's team record of 37 consecutive games with at least 1 steal (with GP I looking on).

It wasn't the best showing from OSU, especially on defense but they survived the Lions and can move on to preparing for Saturday's game versus Nevada.