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2014 BTD Top 25: Dawgs Down

There were not any real winners on the day, but Georgia losing to South Carolina was probably the biggest move on the day.

Georgia was the biggest loser on the day, and they might be out of the playoff picture.
Georgia was the biggest loser on the day, and they might be out of the playoff picture.
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Consensus Poll:

Rank Team Points
1 FSU 98
2 Oregon 96
3 Alabama 92
4 Oklahoma 87
5 Auburn 81
6 Baylor 80
7 Texas A&M 75
8 LSU 70
9 Michigan State 68
10 Georgia 63
11 Stanford 54
12 UCLA 47
13 USC 44
14 Wisconsin 43
15 South Carolina 41
16 Ole Miss 40
T-17 Notre Dame 39
T-17 Arizona State 39
19 Clemson 36
20 Missouri 27
21 Kansas State 21
T-22 Ohio State 16
T-22 Oklahoma State 16
24 Duke 10
25 BYU 9

Individual Polls:

Chris Andy Kurt Robert
1 FSU Florida St. Alabama Florida St.
2 Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
3 Oklahoma Alabama Florida State Auburn
4 Alabama Oklahoma Oklahoma Alabama
5 Auburn Baylor Texas A&M Baylor
6 Baylor LSU Michigan State Oklahoma
7 Michigan State UCLA Auburn Texas A&M
8 Texas A&M Auburn Baylor LSU
9 Arizona State Texas A&M Georgia Georgia
10 LSU Georgia LSU Notre Dame
11 Clemson USC Stanford Michigan St.
12 Stanford Michigan St. Notre Dame South Carolina
13 Georgia Stanford Wisconsin Mississippi
14 Wisconsin Arizona St. USC Stanford
15 UCLA Kansas St. Mississippi UCLA
16 Ole Miss South Carolina Clemson USC
17 Notre Dame Wisconsin South Carolina Wisconsin
18 South Carolina Missouri Missouri Kansas St.
19 USC Ohio St. Oklahoma State Nebraska
20 Missouri Mississippi UCLA Oklahoma St
21 Ohio State Duke Arizona State Missouri
22 Duke BYU BYU Arizona St.
23 Oklahoma State Clemson Virginia Tech Clemson
24 Kansas State Pittsburgh Ohio State Ohio St.
25 BYU Mississippi St Nebraska UNC/Duke


Georgia and Virginia Tech were the two big losers, as they both lost and plummeted down the ranks. The Hokies' loss will also impact Ohio State too, as they are a weaker team in a weaker conference and it only makes both the Big 10 and the ACC look worse, as Va Tech lost to East Carolina. This will likely play out to some degree, but Ohio State's name recognition will probably keep them in circulation.

USC and UCLA were both losers; the Trojans actually lost to a Boston College team that is not great, and UCLA barely held on to beat Texas. The Bruins have failed to impress anybody yet, and the offense seems like a mess. Both of them have a chance to make a move when they begin conference play. In the national media the Pac-12 has still gained some regard this season and a winning streak in conference play could bump either one of them up.

South Carolina was the only real winner of the weekend, and they still didn't vault up, most likely due to their loss to Texas A&M. Hopefully more conference games will shake things up a little more.