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OSU FB Top 25: Jalen Grimble - 12

Miami transfer Jalen Grimble has smashed his way into 12th in the ranks.

The Beavers are waiting for Grimble to emerge from the crowd.
The Beavers are waiting for Grimble to emerge from the crowd.
Andy Wooldridge

2013 Recap:

Grimble was a transfer last season and as such was ineligible to play. He was reportedly a terror on the scout team however, and expectations were mounting. Throughout spring his was often recognized for his play and that has continued to the fall camp.

2014 Outlook:

There are actually three players that are currently vying for the defensive tackle spot, Bud Delva and Siale Hautau are currently the listed starters on the depth chart. What sets Grimble apart to this simple blogger is his upside. While the other two could conceivably be currently superior, it seems that Grimble and his athleticism will eventually break through.

This was not a transfer that the Beavers have had recently, where they are often just juco players or else they came with major baggage. Grimble wanted to be closer to his family, as he was the top player in the state of Nevada when he came out of high school, as according to Rivals. The other tackles are space eaters and should occupy blockers, but Grimble should be able to do more than that. He hopefully can create pressure up the middle, and as he is being thought of possibly as the defensive tackle for nickel formations he would need to do so.

His place in the ranks is based on my belief that he can actually become the best defensive lineman the Beavers have to offer. He has enough power to hold up blockers, but he also has the speed to get around them as well. He could grow into one of the best linemen in the Pac-12.