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OSU FB Top 25: Sean Harlow - 16

Sean Harlow is a talented offensive lineman whose age does not represent his seniority.

At the current injury rate, Harlow could end up playing anywhere in this picture.
At the current injury rate, Harlow could end up playing anywhere in this picture.
Andy Wooldridge

2013 Recap:

Harlow was a fairly high-ranking recruit, but he was not expected to play when he did last year. He came in when there was a glut of injuries starting with a late entry against San Diego State and he would finish out the season at right tackle. Part of the reason that the coaching staff felt comfortable starting him was that he was an early attendee at OSU, where he started in the spring. This was enough reason for confidence in the young man.

It was a decent year for him, he played well at times, but he also made some mistakes. He was caught for penalties and was occasionally beat by more experienced players. For a true freshman he played quite well though, certainly no worse than the rest of the starters.

2014 Outlook:

Harlow is one the few returning lineman to start the majority of last season. The coaches were looking to move Harlow inside instead of his old position of right tackle, but we will likely never know if that move would have paid off with the assortment of injuries to offensive lineman Harlow has moved back outside to right tackle.

Hopefully despite the recent moves he can grow from last season, as the right tackle is preferred to be a mauler. Someone who can get after defensive lines, like Gavin Andrews was hoped to be last year, but now he has moved to left tackle and the Beavers needed Harlow to move back. He proved capable last year, but if Oregon State is going to have a good running game it is essential that he continues to grow.

I believe that he will grow accordingly, he played with poise last year and was out-muscled when he was beaten. With another year to grow and to put on muscle in the weight room, Harlow should be much more prepared and he will be an above average lineman (wherever he plays) for the Beavs.