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3 Beavers First Team All-Americans

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Oregon St. has 3 First Team All-Americans
Oregon St. has 3 First Team All-Americans

Just a day after dominating the Pac-12 All-Conference season honors, Oregon St.'s Michael Conforto and Jace Fry received All-American honors, and Ben Wetzler too.

The Collegiate Baseball/Louisville Slugger All-America selections have been announced, and no other team has more than 1 player on the 17 man first team list.

Conforto also has the distinction of becoming the first Oregon St. baseball player to be selected to an All-American team in 3 different seasons, having been a freshman All-American 2 years ago, and having been named All-American last year too.

Both Fry, the Pac-12 Pitcher of the Year, and Wetzler, who led the country in ERA among starters, with an 0.76 season long number, posted 11-1 seasons.

The only other Pac-12 player named to any of the 3 All-America teams was Washington pitcher Tyler Davis.