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Howland Turns Down Oregon State

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The former UCLA head coach will not be coming to Corvallis.

Jamie Squire

Building the Dam has confirmed that Ben Howland, who was athletic director Bob DeCarolis' top choice to replace Craig Robinson, has turned down the job in Corvallis. He plans to remain out of college coaching for another season, ultimately deciding that the rebuilding effort at Oregon State would be too much.

Many have reported that DeCarolis now has his sights set on Arizona assistant and Portland native Damon Stoudamire. Stoudamire went to Wilson High School before playing at Arizona for four years. He was the first ever draft pick of the Toronto Raptors and eventually played for the Portland Trail Blazers, Memphis Grizzlies, and San Antonio Spurs before retiring.

He has since been an assistant coach in the college ranks at Rice, Memphis, and Arizona, in addition to a little more than two seasons on the bench with the Grizzlies. Making more than enough money during his playing days, he comes with a relatively cheap price tag. Taking the Oregon State job would strictly be to move up on the coaching ladder.

Stoudamire would also be a big risk. People assume he would be a terrific recruiter, and I don't doubt that, but how would he be tactically is a big question. DeCarolis took a risk that didn't work out in Robinson. Does he really want to do it again? I think someone like Terry Porter or Eric Musselman would be a much better hire, and have that x&o esperience. David Grace still intrigues me as well. Someone with experience that can out-coach his opponents on a nightly basis.

We'll see.