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2014 BTD Top 25: Falling Rebels

Ole Miss may still be in the college football playoff, but the Rebels are down to 9th in the BTD poll.

Chris Graythen

Consensus Poll:

Rank Team Points
1 Mississippi State 100
2 FSU 96
3 Oregon 86
4 Alabama 83
5 Georgia 81
6 Auburn 80
7 Michigan State 75
8 TCU 74
9 Ole Miss 72
10 Notre Dame 64
11 Kansas State 53
12 Ohio State 50
13 Arizona State 49
14 Baylor 47
15 Arizona 45
16 Utah 39
17 East Carolina 38
18 Nebraska 32
19 Marshall 29
20 Oklahoma 23
21 West Virginia 18
T-22 LSU 13
T-22 Clemson 13
24 Stanford 11
25 Duke 10

Individual Polls:

Chris Andy Kurt Robert
1 Mississippi State Mississippi St. Mississippi St Mississippi St.
2 FSU Florida St. Florida State Florida St.
3 Oregon Oregon Mississippi Alabama
4 Michigan State TCU Alabama Georgia
5 Ole Miss Georgia Auburn Auburn
6 Georgia Alabama Oregon Oregon
7 Auburn Auburn Michigan State TCU
8 Alabama Arizona St. Georgia Mississippi
9 TCU Michigan St. Notre Dame Michigan St.
10 Baylor Notre Dame TCU Notre Dame
11 Notre Dame Kansas St. Kansas State Ohio St.
12 Arizona Utah Baylor Kansas St.
13 Ohio State East Carolina Arizona State Arizona
14 East Carolina Arizona Oklahoma Baylor
15 Arizona State Ohio St. Ohio State East Carolina
16 Marshall Ole Miss Stanford Marshall
17 Kansas State Nebraska Utah Nebraska
18 Utah Marshall Clemson Utah
19 Nebraska West Virginia Nebraska Arizona St.
20 Minnesota LSU Arizona West Virginia
21 Duke Baylor USC Duke
22 Oklahoma Colorado St. LSU Oklahoma
23 LSU Oklahoma West Virginia Clemson
24 West Virginia UCLA East Carolina USC
25 Clemson Clemson Marshall Stanford


Mississippi was the biggest loser on the day, falling to LSU. They dropped from second all the way to 9th. The main reason was Andy's ranking of the Rebels at 16, which drastically pulled down their point total. Oklahoma State was the other loser on the day and they disappeared out of the ranks.

Some of the strange ranks were Stanford at number 16 for Kurt which actually moved the Cardinal into the consensus poll. Arizona State was also strongly disagreed on, ranging from 8 to 19. They have had an odd year, getting destroyed by UCLA and then they beat USC on a hail mary, followed by two strong wins. A battle against the 16th ranked Utah Utes might help establish some agreement between the polls.