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2014 BTD Top 25: Tomahawk Top

Florida State squeaked out a victory over the FIghting Irish to stay undefeated.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus Poll:

Rank Team Points
1 Mississippi State 100
2 Ole Miss 94
3 FSU 93
T-4 Georgia 81
T-4 Alabama 81
6 Oregon 80
7 Auburn 79
8 Michigan State 76
9 TCU 69
10 Notre Dame 64
11 Kansas State 51
12 Baylor 50
13 Ohio State 50
14 Arizona State 46
15 Arizona 44
16 East Carolina 41
17 Nebraska 31
18 Marshall 28
19 USC 27
20 Utah 26
21 Oklahoma 20
22 Duke 12
23 West Virginia 11
24 Clemson 10
25 Oklahoma State 9

Individual Polls:

Chris Andy Kurt Robert
1 Mississippi State Mississippi St. Mississippi St Mississippi St.
2 Ole Miss Florida St. Mississippi Florida St.
3 FSU Mississippi Alabama Mississippi
4 Michigan State Oregon Florida State Georgia
5 Georgia TCU Auburn Alabama
6 Auburn Georgia Oregon Auburn
7 Oregon Alabama Michigan State Oregon
8 Alabama Auburn Georgia Michigan St.
9 TCU Michigan St. Notre Dame Notre Dame
10 Baylor Arizona St. Baylor TCU
11 Notre Dame Notre Dame TCU Ohio St.
12 Arizona Kansas St. Kansas State Kansas St.
13 Ohio State East Carolina Oklahoma Baylor
14 East Carolina Arizona USC Arizona
15 Arizona State Ohio St. Ohio State East Carolina
16 Marshall Utah Arizona State Marshall
17 Kansas State Nebraska Stanford Arizona St.
18 Utah USC Clemson Nebraska
19 Nebraska Marshall Nebraska USC
20 Minnesota West Virginia Arizona Utah
21 Duke Baylor East Carolina Duke
22 Oklahoma UCLA UCLA West Virginia
23 Oklahoma State Oklahoma Oklahoma State Oklahoma St.
24 LSU Duke Utah Minnesota
25 West Virginia Clemson Marshall Clemson


There were six losers this week: Notre Dame, Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Stanford, and Texas A&M. Stanford and Texas A&M dropped out of the rankings, and all the others saw large drops.

One of the bigger surprises was Kurt's ballot, as he had Stanford still at 17. It was the only appearance by Stanford and it was a real surprise as that was their third loss of the season. USC appeared on every ballot besides my own as well, there were a couple teams that had slightly better resumes, as they have only really beaten an okay Stanford team and have a couple losses still.

Andy also ranked Baylor very low, as they have one loss, but he expressed last week how he felt about their victory over TCU. It appears to have lowered his opinion of them as they dropped all the way to 21.