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2014 BTD Top 25: Hungry Hungry Bulldogs

Mississippi State continues to chew up great competition, and this week they snacked on Auburn, which earned them top honors.

Mississippi State bulled their way to the top spot in the country.
Mississippi State bulled their way to the top spot in the country.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus Poll:

Rank Team Points
1 Mississippi State 100
T-2 Ole Miss 94
T-2 FSU 94
4 Baylor 87
5 Auburn 76
6 Georgia 74
7 Oregon 73
T-8 Notre Dame 71
T-8 Alabama 71
10 Michigan State 69
11 TCU 63
12 Oklahoma 62
13 Oklahoma State 47
14 Arizona 41
15 Ohio State 38
T-16 East Carolina 32
T-16 Kansas State 32
18 Arizona State 28
19 Stanford 25
T-20 Nebraska 24
T-20 Texas A&M 24
22 Marshall 19
23 Utah 14
24 USC 12
25 UCLA Clemson 9 10

Individual Polls:

Chris Andy Kurt Robert
1 Mississippi State Mississippi St. Mississippi State Mississippi St.
2 Ole Miss Florida St. Mississippi Florida St.
3 FSU Mississippi Florida State Mississippi
4 Baylor TCU Baylor Baylor
5 Michigan State Baylor Alabama Auburn
6 Georgia Oregon Auburn Georgia
7 Notre Dame Notre Dame Oregon Alabama
8 Auburn Georgia Oklahoma Notre Dame
9 Oregon Auburn Michigan State Oregon
10 Oklahoma Alabama Georgia Michigan St.
11 Alabama Michigan St. Notre Dame Oklahoma
12 TCU Arizona St. TCU Ohio St.
13 Oklahoma State Oklahoma Oklahoma State TCU
14 Arizona East Carolina Texas A&M Arizona
15 Ohio State Oklahoma St. Stanford Texas A&M
16 East Carolina Arizona Clemson Oklahoma St.
17 Arizona State Nebraska USC Kansas St.
18 Marshall Kansas St. Kansas State Stanford
19 Kansas State Ohio St. Arizona East Carolina
20 Utah Utah Ohio State Marshall
21 Nebraska Marshall Nebraska Nebraska
22 Stanford UCLA UCLA Arizona St.
23 Minnesota USC East Carolina Duke
24 Duke Stanford Washington Utah
25 Texas A&M Washington Arizona State UCLA


The state of Mississippi is playing fantastic right now and have taken the top two spots, although Ole Miss is still tied with FSU currently. Floida State might be in trouble soon though, as Jameis Winston's series of autographs may land him in the same pot of boiling water with UGA's Gurley. They will be challenged this week by Notre Dame and whichever team wins will set themselves up to make a run at the playoff.

This poll currently has 7 ranked Pac-12 teams as well, but 5 of those are surprisingly from the South. Only Oregon and Stanford are still ranked, and they have both lost to South teams. A lot of the talk early on was real high on the North, but those teams have continued to underwhelm, and the reputation of those South teams looks better and better.

There were a handful of ranked losers, but they all lost to talented opponents. One of those was TCU who barely lost in a controversial decision. Andy left the Horned Frogs above Baylor, due to the refs involvement in the outcome saying this:

"Yes, I did put TCU ahead of Baylor. They are virtually equal, except I saw the incorrect and inconsistent application of pass interference rules that resulted in Baylor getting a chance to make a game winning field goal when TCU should have had that opportunity, except in Texas and Big XII politics, its more important to more important people for Baylor, who has the better chance to reach the final 4, to win that game."

It is an actually fascinating time to look at the national picture, just about any team in the top 25 could make a run up the board at the end of the year and earn a spot in the playoff. There will undoubtedly by another torrent of upsets as the season goes as parity continues to increase across the NCAA.