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Stanford Game A Day Game With Split National Coverage Plus Utah Update

Oregon St. fans will get to see the trees in the daylight!
Oregon St. fans will get to see the trees in the daylight!
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon St.'s game on Saturday, Oct. 25 at Stanford will be in the 12:30 PM PDT window, and will be a split national coverage game, on ABC channels in the Pac-12 and other western coverage areas, and on ESPN in the rest of the country.

It's the first game in the early afternoon 12:30 network slot for the Beavers since Sept. 22, 2012 at UCLA.

There is also an update to the coverage for the Utah at Oregon St. game Thursday night, which was originally scheduled to be aired on Fox Sports 1.

Due to coverage of the National League Championship Series, Fox has bumped the game from Fox Sports 1 to Fox Sports 2. That channel, unfortunately has very limited distribution outside the satellite systems, but a couple of adjustments have been put together.

The Pac-12 National, Mountain (includes Utah market), Oregon and Arizona channels (where available) will reportedly carry a simulcast of the Fox broadcast in order to piece together a coverage package that will reach a larger portion of the regional and national audience. The game will also be broadcast on a local channel in Salt Lake City, KMYU.

Several local stations in Oregon that are a part of "MyNet" have also been added to the coverage package, including KPDX Ch. 49 in Portland, KFBI Ch. 48 in Medford, KUBN Ch. 43 in Bend, and KEVU Ch. 34 in Eugene.