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BTD Top 25 - End of Year Rankings

With the conclusion of bowl season, this is the final version of the 2013-2014 NCAA rankings.

Florida State remained the unanimous number one.
Florida State remained the unanimous number one.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus Poll:

1 Florida State 125
2 Auburn 117
3 Michigan State 116
4 South Carolina 98
5 Oklahoma 96
T-6 Alabama 92
T-6 Missouri 92
T-8 Clemson 86
T-8 UCF 86
10 Oregon 84
11 Stanford 81
12 Louisville 77
13 Ohio St 71
14 LSU 57
15 UCLA 51
16 Baylor 49
17 Oklahoma State 48
18 Texas A&M 42
19 Wisconsin 27
20 USC 25
21 Arizona State 19
22 Notre Dame 16
23 Northern Illinois 13
T-24 Washington 11
T-24 Utah State 11

Individual Polls:

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr RVM
1 Florida State Florida State Florida St. Florida State Florida St.
2 Auburn South Carolina Michigan St. Auburn Auburn
3 Michigan State Michigan State Auburn Michigan State Michigan St.
4 Clemson Auburn Missouri Alabama Missouri
5 Oregon Oklahoma South Carolina Missouri South Carolina
6 Louisville Clemson UCF South Carolina Oklahoma
7 Oklahoma UCF Oregon Stanford Alabama
8 Stanford Alabama Oklahoma Oklahoma UCF
9 Alabama Louisville Louisville LSU Oregon
10 UCF Ohio State Alabama Clemson Clemson
11 LSU Stanford Stanford Ohio State Ohio St.
12 Ohio St Missouri UCLA Oregon Stanford
13 Missouri Oregon Baylor Central Florida Louisville
14 South Carolina Oklahoma State Clemson Baylor UCLA
15 UCLA Notre Dame Ohio St. Texas A&M Baylor
16 Baylor Utah State LSU Oklahoma State LSU
17 Oklahoma State Northern Illinois Texas A&M Wisconsin Oklahoma St.
18 Texas A&M Wisconsin Oklahoma St. Louisville Texas A&M
19 USC UCLA Arizona St. UCLA USC
20 Wisconsin Texas A&M Washington Arizona State Duke
21 Notre Dame LSU USC USC Arizona St.
22 Washington Miami (Florida) Duke Duke Wisconsin
23 Nebraska Baylor Nebraska Iowa Northern Illinois
24 Texas Tech Iowa North Dakota St. Georgia Vanderbilt
25 Arizona State USC Northern Illinois Washington Utah St.


Florida State won the championship and claimed the number one spot, buoying the reputation of a much maligned ACC. Auburn remained number two despite their loss and Michigan State ended at number three after they defeated Stanford in the Rose Bowl.

A large number of teams dropped, as to be expected from bowl season, as teams all had tough matchups. Oklahoma and South Carolina were the real winners of the various losses, as they shot up the ranks to round out the top 5.

Utah State somehow slipped onto the ballots as well, despite finishing with 5 losses in a lesser conference, although most of their losses came to out-of-conference opponents.

Here is the conference breakdown:

  • ACC - 2
  • American - 2
  • Big 10 - 3
  • Big 12 - 3
  • Independent - 1
  • MAC - 1
  • MWC - 1
  • Pac 12 - 6
  • SEC - 6

The Pac-12 and SEC lead in number of teams in the top 25, but the SEC has a higher average rank. Although ranking conferences seems to be of little value since the ACC had only two teams in the top 25 but they claimed the national championship.