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Beaver Links 7/8/2013: Football Mini-Plans on Sale Today

Your morning beaverage -- Dylan Davis, Jace Fry, Roberto Nelson, and more

Roberto Nelson goes up for a jumper in a game at Gill Coliseum.
Roberto Nelson goes up for a jumper in a game at Gill Coliseum.
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54 days left until kickoff vs. Eastern Washington...

Mini-season ticket plans for football go on sale TODAY. In what appears to be a new feature this year, you can buy a three-game half-season plan and pick the three games you want to go to. Obviously, cost will vary depending on opponent, but that's still a great deal. Being able to attend Stanford, USC, and Washington games seems pretty awesome. Ticket prices for games start at $28 for Eastern Washington, $40 for Hawaii and Colorado, and $60 for USC, Stanford, and Washington. If you want to upgrade tickets to get into the club section, you're looking at a lot more, but you can do it.

Yes, Oregon State has a men's basketball team, even in the offseason. Lindsay Schnell interviews Roberto Nelson in Oregon Live. He talks about the next season, the new practice facility, and cheating at Monopoly. One quote of his that particularly made me a little hopeful:

I feel like we need to accomplish the little things first, have little goals for our team and as individuals and accomplish those first..... Just things like making sure we're maintaining effort throughout the whole game, focusing on our assignments throughout the game -- the little thing that make the big stuff happen. I feel like once we get those in order that we'll be able to have the big stuff come our way.

Considering how terrible the Beavers were in the second half of games last year, this gives me some hope that at least he is aware of the problem. Considering he'll probably be the team leader next year, that seems like a good place to start.

Miles Vance, also of Oregon Live, has a feature on Jace Fry and his outlook on next season.

The OSU Athletic Department has put together a list of where all the current Beavers are playing this summer. In the coming weeks, we'll have periodic updates on the team as a whole.

For starters, though, Dylan Davis is tearing it up for the Falmouth Commodores of the Cape Cod League. In one game, he hit two runs including a grand slam, and Falmouth gave him a post-game interview. A couple of days later, he had a walk-off earning him yet another interview. So far, he's batting .409 with 4 HR's and 12 RBI's in 22 at bats. He also earned a rather unique trophy. It's fun stuff like that makes me say I believe in the Church of Baseball.

Matt Boyd has signed with the Blue Jays. It would appear all the drafted seniors are now signed, but juniors Wetzler and Schultz are still unsigned. The deadline is the 12th, so we should know by the end of the day Friday/early Saturday if either of those two key pitchers are returning for their senior seasons.

Pacific Takes has another interesting Beaver-related article, listing their top 10 OSU recruits signed during the internet age. Note this means recruits and not players. So you won't see James Rodgers, but you will see Utah kick return star Reggie Dunn, who I had completely forgotten that he signed with OSU originally. They also rank the Pac-12 Offensive Lines; they think pretty highly of Oregon State. Consider this yet another shameless plug for Pacific Takes.

Only 8 weeks left? Must be time for the Phil Steele bowl projections. He projects OSU to play in the Sun Bowl vs. the University of Miami. He has Oregon State finishing 5th in the Pac-12 behind Oregon, Stanford, ASU and USC.

If you have 30 seconds to a minute for something non-Beaver related, I would recommend watching the best ceremonial first pitch ever.

As promised, we've narrowed down the list of potential column titles to a few. Vote in the poll below, and we'll reveal the results in the first column of next week. We'll have another column on Thursday or so of this week, but voting in the poll won't close until next Sunday night.

If you have any additional links of note, leave them in the comments.