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Best Oregon State Play of 2012-13 Tournament: 3 vs 6

Conforto's Glove Made Numerous Big Plays In Omaha
Conforto's Glove Made Numerous Big Plays In Omaha

The first round of our tournament continues this morning with the 3-6 game. Voting will close on Friday morning at 11:00 AM.

3. Michael Conforto Catch against Mississippi State (Game Two)

Forget we ended up losing this game and put yourself back in the moment. When the ball left the bat, there was little doubt in my mind it was gone, and even if it wasn't, it would surely bounce off the wall for a double. Conforto beating the ball to the fence didn't even cross my mind. But somehow he got there, keeping the game tied and giving us some much needed momentum.

6. Max Gordon's Diving Catch at Oregon (Game Three)

This catch was just as spectacular, but being up 6-0 instead of tied in an elimination game results in the slightly lower seeding. Basically, it's up to the fans and what you like more. Crashing-into-wall type catches or an all-out dive. The choice is yours.