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Mattison Ruled Ineligible By NCAA

Lawrence Mattison will face another hurdle before becoming a Beaver.
Lawrence Mattison will face another hurdle before becoming a Beaver.

One of the side benefits of the Alamo Bowl trip we reported on back in January appeared to be a big back from the state of Texas, after 6'1", 225 lb. Lawrence Mattison, who also has 4.4 40 speed, committed to Oregon St.

It will be a couple of years before Beaver nation actually gets to see that come to pass.

Mattison tweeted about disappointment last week, and now its official; the 3-star Spring Branch phenom will be headed to Butler Community College in Kansas.

Mattison's father died when he was still in middle school, and with an absentee alcoholic mother, was primarily responsible for himself at Smithson Valley High, which made for a great story that Oregon Live's Lindsay Schnell told about the sometimes homeless kid from the suburbs of San Antonio.

The NCAA wasn't impressed, however, and they weren't impressed with summer school credits Mattison got in an effort to meet entrance requirements having come from online courses either.

So Mattison is detouring, though he still plans to transfer to Oregon St. after his JUCO stint at Butler CC.

Here's hoping, for all concerned, that Mattison makes it. His having overcome all obstacles to date suggests this is only a temporary setback. But who knows?

It does leave one to wonder about the elitist ideals that lead to someone clearly most in need of continuing education and also clearly making an earnest effort to get one being denied entry to the environment most likely to support and develop him.