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Turning Point - From the Bell

Kickoff. Boom. Done.

The proper way to watch that game.
The proper way to watch that game.
Steve Dykes

This post could have been done in one word, from the opening kickoff the Huskies grabbed control of the game, brutally smashing the Beaver defensive line on interior runs and spreading the ball around on a screens. There is not much more to say than that. Once the Huskies got the ball, the game quickly snowballed out of control, getting to the point where even the UW fans in my section left. When even the winning fans had no interest in the game, it's a grizzly scene.

Frankly there is not much more to say. There were no momentum shifts in this game, it was just an old-fashioned beatdown. It was reminiscent of the Cal game from last year, except the situations were flipped. Even the scores are similar with, 27-69 this year to 62-14 last year, and the real result of that game was that it got Jeff Tedford fired. At this point everything is just speculation, but it doesn't bode well for the old ball coach.