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Jordan Poyer Talks To Chip Kelly, Has Charges Dropped

Oregon St.'s Jordan Poyer had a conversation with Oregon coach Chip Kelly at Pac12 Media Day. <em>(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea, US Presswire)</em>
Oregon St.'s Jordan Poyer had a conversation with Oregon coach Chip Kelly at Pac12 Media Day. (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea, US Presswire)

In case you missed it yesterday at Pac-12 Media Day, Chip Kelly, having already established himself as the dominant force in coaching in the conference, is branching out, taking over for the media in conducting interviews.

Comcast reporter Jordan Whitley was attempting to interview Oregon St.'s Jordan Poyer for Comcast NW, when she got bushwacked, and Kelly took over. The exchange was priceless, and went like this.

Chip: We're here with Jordan Poyer, probably one of the best defensive backs in the country. Want to talk to you a little bit about how your summer's been, and how are you preparing for the season.

Jordan: We've been working hard every day, in the weight room and the class room, and after practice, in the cold tub, hot tub, doing everything we can to get ready for the season.

Chip: Can't go hot tub at the University of Oregon. That's a bad subject!

Chip: What I really want to ask is how do you cover Markus Wheaton, because we haven't done a very good job of it the last couple of years? I want some pointers you can give us because you have seen him in practice a lot.

Jordan: He's fast, man. Its hard to cover a guy like him. I've been going against him in practice for a couple of ears so I kind of know his tricks. But I aint tonna put him on camera like that. I kinda know his stuff.

Chip: No help? No help?

Jordan: He's a good receiver. He does his thing, and he balls out. He's fast, and the world knows he's fast. You've got to open up and open up quick. That's the only tip I'm going to give you. If you are going to play off coverage, you've got to to open up quick. That's all I know.

Chip: He can run, we know that. We've seen him on the track also.

Chip did make a pact with Jordan at the end of the interview.

Chip: "What I want to make a pact with you right now, you agree, you represent your school, we represent our school, is that the Pac-12 champ will come from the state of Oregon this year".

Jordan: "Definitely. I can agree with that."

On a more serious note, Poyer did get some good news yesterday, when the Benton County District Attorney dropped charges that resulted from an incident in May at a Corvallis bar and grill.

Poyer had sent a personal apology to the other person involved, and that was all that person wanted.