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The "Impulse" Not A Good Impulse For OSU DBs

Previous incidents involving Oregon St. football players, and especially DBs, at the Impulse Bar and Grill, suggest that the impulse to head down there on a Friday or Saturday night is not a good one. Now, we have confirmation that its an impulse that should be resisted.

Senior to be CB Jordan Poyer is the latest Beaver DB to appear in the Corvallis Police Deartment's reports.

Poyer, 21, was arrested at a "bar fight" incident reported at 1:52 AM, early last Saturday morning, and charged with second degree criminal trespass after he was detained by the bar's staff during a fight. Poyer apparently was not involved in the fight.

Corvallis police also included in their report that the bar's staff had previously excluded Poyer from the premises after a Feb. 5 incident.

Court proceedings are pending, and any actions taken by Oregon St. coach Mike Riley will probably follow.

It might be worthwhile considering having offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh sit in the door at the "Impulse", and help some of the players resist said impulse.