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Rodgers Records NFL Combine Marks About As Expected

James Rodgers worked out this weekend at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. <em>(Photo by Andy Wooldridge)</em>
James Rodgers worked out this weekend at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. (Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

Oregon St. WR/KR James Rodgers posted marks that were about what were expected Sunday at the NFL combine in Indianapolis.

40 time: 4.67 seconds - His knee still isn't what it was before it was injured in Arizona, and may never be. While "slow", it wasn't an automatic disqualifyer, though.

Bench press of 225: 19 reps - Very good for a receiver, but no surprise to Pac-12 fans. Being able to block is going to be a requirement for Rodgers to make it, and strength is a key.

Vertical jump: 37.0 inches - No one is going to draw up plays that call for a receiver of Rodgers' stature to have to go way up to catch the ball.

Broad jump: 115.0 inches - Much more a measure of athleticism than foorball skills.

20-yard shuttle: 4.23 seconds - Maybe as important as anything they measure, especially for players of Rodgers' stature.

His overall draft grade came out 50.2, which typically translates to a pick anywhere from somewhere in the 4th round thru the 7th round, though its also a possibility that teams may try to gamble on getting Rogers as a reee agent.

Rodgers' proven leadership skills and maturity will carry some weight, but his success will probably depend on getting into the "right" situation, not unlike Jacquizz's did. That success story is relevant in this case.

A mix of special teams and situation packages will be Rodgers' recipe for success, but he appears on track at this point.