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Oregon St. Not Affected In Polls By Civil War Loss; Oregon Suffers

For all their trouble in the Civil War, nothing changed for Oregon St. and Oregon actually lost ground in the polls.
For all their trouble in the Civil War, nothing changed for Oregon St. and Oregon actually lost ground in the polls.
Photo by Andy Wooldridge

Updated 7 PM

Possibly it was a product of being out on the Pac-12 Channel, and therefore out of view of most of the country, but the outcome of yesterday's Civil War seemed to be lost on most voters in the AP and USA Today Coaches' Sports Information Directors polls.

Oregon St. did not drop in either top 25, remaining at #16 in the eyes of the AP, and #17 with the SIDs, just where they were last week, despite getting drubbed 48-24 by Oregon. And despite dominating a top 20 program on the road, the Ducks actually got penalized by the AP, where they dropped from #5 to #6, getting passed up by Florida. The Gators did beat a slightly higher ranked rival opponent, Florida St., also on the road.

The top 4 stayed the same in both polls, with Notre Dame, Alabama, and Georgia the top 3 in both. Unbeaten Ohio St., ineligible for the post season, and therefore pretended to not exist by the SIDs, stayed #4 in the AP, while Oregon fills that spot in the SID's eyes now as they did a week ago.

The mover of local interest of course is Stanford. The Cardinal moved from #11 to #8 in the AP, and from #11 to #9 on the SID list, after their dominant 35-17 road win at UCLA. That dropped the Bruins from #15/#16 to #17 in both polls.

The only other western teams in the polls are Utah St., who moved from #25 up to #20 in the AP poll, after beating previously ranked Louisiana Tech, and moved into the SID poll, at #22, and Boise St., who jumped from #22 to #15 in the SID poll, and moved into the AP poll, at #25, without playing on Thanksgiving weekend.

Losses after holding large leads late by Arizona and Washington, both previously in the BCS top 25, and USC, giving the Trojans 5 losses for the year, probably ensures that the Pac-12 will finish the season with no more than the 4 teams they currently have ranked at best.

BCS Update:

The BCS rankings released this evening held Oregon, Oregon St., and Stanford all steady, in the same #5, #8, & #15 spots they were last week. UCLA remarkably rose 1 spot to #16 despite their 18 point home loss.

Notre Dame, followed by the SEC trifecta of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida hold the top 4 spots.

Boise St. moved up from #22 to #20, while Utah St. and San Jose St., both of whom are 10-2, replaced Arizona and Washington in the #24 and #25 spots.