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Oregon State's Football Win Over USC Named BTD's Best OSU Game of 2010-2011

Building the Dam's annual tournament to determine the best game of the past season has concluded, and Oregon State's football victory over USC in Reser Stadium on November 20 won the top prize.

Let's relive the game with an excerpt from Andy's game recap: 


Final Score: Oregon St. 36 USC 7

Oregon St. said farewell to USC Saturday night, in the last meeting of the two teams in Corvallis for a few years. The Beavers also said "We aren't done yet.", in reference to their recent slump, of back to back losses, and three of four in the loss column.

The game changed as soon as the teams switched directions to start the second quarter. With a stiff wind blowing in from the ramp on the north corner of the stadium, the Beavers had none the less taken a 3-0 lead despite going into the teeth of that wind, on the first of three Justin Kahut field goals.

With the wind finally at the Beavers' back, everything changed as Jordan Poyer picked off a Matt Barkley pass, and was off to the races for a 65 yard touchdown.

It was the beginning of what would be a 17 point quarter, which launched the second largest Oregon St. win over USC in the history of the series. Only the 38-6 win in 1914 was larger.


The past winners of the tournament after the break. Thanks to all of you for voting. 


Past Winners:

2009-2010: California, Football (Joe Halahuni has 6 catches for 128 yards to keep Oregon State's winning streak in Berkeley alive) 

USC, Football (Jacquizz rushes for 186, stuns #1 USC)

2007-2008: Oregon, Football (James' infamous fly sweep at Autzen puts Beavers ahead, OSU defense holds Jonathan Stewart on 4th and 1)

2006-2007: OSU Baseball National Championship #2 (Pat Casey and company go back to back in Omaha)