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OSU Softball's Run Comes to an End

The Beavers battled back from the consolation side of the Ann Arbor Regional bracket, but couldn't get bast Michigan in the Championship Game. The Beavers lost 7-0 to the Wolverines.

Last year's team celebrates a win. They advanced all the way to the Women's College World Series. (

The Beavers lost the first game of the regional 0-8 to Louisville, placing the Beavers in the consolation bracket. Following the trail that several Oregon State teams have traveled before, they battled their way through the consolation bracket, avoiding elimination with a 6-1 win over Eastern Michigan, as well as a 11-4 win over Louisville. Both of those games were yesterday.

Oregon State would have needed to beat Michigan twice to advance to the NCAA Super Regionals, but the Wolverines proved too tough in Game 1.

The Beavers lose five seniors; Natalie Johnson, Mia Longfellow, Sherina Galvan, Brianne McGowan, and Ta'Yyana McElroy. That's a groupe of five key players that will be hard to replace.

Best of luck to those seniors in their futures.

Go Beavers!