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Oregon State :: The New Logo

Long Story Short: Oregon State released their new logo today, and here it is:

-OSU Athletics

As you can tell from above, the following things are true:

  • No worries, the Beaver "head" will still be Oregon State' primary athletic logo.

  • The 'OS' will take the place of the block 'O', distinctive to Ohio State. It will also alleviate confusion between the Ohio State 'O', Oklahoma State's 'OSU' and the Oregon 'O. 'OS' is something that no other major university has tried, and it is a way for Oregon State to become distinct with their marketing strategies.

  • Obviously, the script is new. I like the flashiness of the new lettering, and I think it will look good on clothing as well as uniforms.

Let's go straight to the source. Here's what the pamphlet handed out at today's Beaver Huddle in Portland has to say:


Oregon State University has embarked on an aggressive effort to better tell its success

story through all forms of visual identity, the latest effort being the Oregon State Beavers

Athletic and Merchandising visual identity system. The "Oregon State" Visual Identity

System - the symbols, logotype, mascot and colors we use to represent the Beavers

visually - is an important tool for achieving that goal.


A cohesive and uniform visual identity offers a more efficient and effective way for the

university to communicate with key audiences. The system also provides us with a bold,

strong interlocking "OS", a highly readable and recognizable way of representing the

university's athletic teams in which we all take great pride. When our audiences

recognize us as one university on the fields of play and in retail environments throughout

the world, the power of our consistency will provide long-term strength for our great

university and our proud athletic teams.


This visual identity system is the product of many "Beaver Believers", from the

collaborative efforts of OSU University Advancement and Athletic Offices, to the

feedback of many hundreds of OSU faithful, from Faculty, Students, BASF Members,

Alumni, Coaches, Athletes, Licensees and Retailers. No one should doubt our

commitment to the new standards.


We are in a unique time here at Oregon State University. Our Athletic teams are

competing at the highest levels on a daily basis. More and more students and their

families are choosing to become "Beavers", and to show their pride in our great

university through the products our licensees create and our retail partners sell. We are

truly privileged to live and work in such a great college community as Corvallis, Oregon.

Now we have a tool to help the public better recognize the value we all see Oregon

State Athletics brings to the Beaver State, Beaver Nation, and the World.


We thank you for your support of this historic effort on behalf of our great university.

The new design for the football uniforms will be released late this month. After seeing new designs for the turf at Reser, the baseball uniforms, the softball uniforms, as well as other OS products, I can only imagine they'll be a big hit.

Go OS!