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Week 2 Beaver Snap Counts: Score Early and Score Often

Another week to give the Beavers a chance to evaluate the roster from top to bottom

NCAA Football: UC - Davis at Oregon State Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Beavers put to rest any thoughts of an upset early in this game, building a 21 point lead in just over 15 minutes of game time and holding UC Davis scoreless until midway through the fourth quarter. The downsides can be higher than the upsides in games against FCS opponents, but Oregon State showed themselves to be the better team in both talent an execution on Saturday. Johnathan Smith and the coaching staff got the reps they were looking for from players farther down the depth chart.


Oregon State had 63 total snaps on offense, 28 pass and 35 run. The Beavers were up four scores using only 15 offensive playswhen there was still 12:29 left in the 2nd quarter (Silas Bolden’s punt return helped that count) . Most of the starters were pulled after the first half which gave Adian Chiles and the reserves plenty of time to prove themselves.

Quarterback: Adian Chiles (34), DJ Uiagalelei (29)

DJ Uiagaleli carved up the middle of the Aggies defense in the first half, going 4-4 for 42 yards and 2 TDs on throws in the middle of the field. There will be more to watch when Oregon State faces teams that can get pressure on DJ and force him to speed up his decision making, but that wasn’t going to happen in this game.

To that point, Chiles was not pressured in any of his 14 drop backs. Smith referenced the value of getting Chiles experience in these games at the expense of Ben Gulbranson who already it. It is still to be determined whether Chiles puts on a redshirt later this year but that may come down more to whether or not Uiagalelei stays healthy or not. If DJ misses any extended action, Chiles has shown the ability to move the ball effectivly in both his appearances so far.

Running Back: Deshaun Fenwick (26), Isaiah Newell (22), Damien Martinez (10), Jake Reichle (4), Gavin Haines (3), Isaac Hodgins (1)

UC Davis had no answer for the run game. Damien Martinez & and Deshaun Fenwick had 15 carries for 174 yards (11.6 yards per carry) and our of that tandem’s runs went for 10 yards or more, and they picked up 101 of those yards after contact.

Isaiah Newell played lead blocker on DJU’s 1st quarter touchdown run. He also played fullback at times in the 2nd half before picking up some carries later in the game. It seems clear through two games that Martinez and Fenwick lead the depth chart, but Newell can still find ways to make an impact.

Wide Receiver: Zachary Card (33), Silas Bolden (23), Trent Walker (22), Jesiah Irish (10), Jimmy Vaslin III (16), Rweha Munyagi Jr. (16), Jeremiah Noga (13), Jamai East (12), Trevor Pope (7)

In keeping with a theme, Silas Bolden was entirely too much for UC Davis. His touchdown reception came on a swing pass behind the line of scrimage. He got one block from Rweha Munyagi Jr., then outran 3 UC Davis defenders for the 20 yard score. He also returned a punt for a touchdown in which he reversed field and outran nearly the entire UC Davis punt team down the opposite sideline.

Anthony Gould was held out of this game, although Jonathan Smith said he was confident in Gould being back next week. Zachary Card led the team in targets for the game, mostly within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage.

Tight End: Jack Velling (27), Jermaine Terry II (19), Gabe Milbourn (13), Riley Sharp (12), Bryce Caufield (11), Jake Overman (10), Carter Neuman (5)

Velling was attached to the line of scrimmage more in this game, only lining up in the slot on 4 pass plays in the slot (half the amount as last week). The same seven tight ends played this week as last week. It will be interesting to see how deep the Beavers go into the bench at the position when we get to Pac-12 play, but for now I would expect to see the same sort of distribution next week against San Diego State.

Offensive Line: Tanner Miller (46), Jacob Strand (34), Tyler Morano (34), Taliese Fuaga (29), Joshua Gray (29), Jake Levengood (29), Heneli Bloomfield (29), Tyler Voltin (29), Grant Starck (29), Dylan Lopez (17), Luka Vincic (5), Flavio Gonzalez (5)

On Martinez’ first touchdown run, RG Taner Miller is 6 yards downfield before Martinez gets to the line of scrimage, while RT Taliese Fuaga drives his man across the line of scrimate into two other D-linemen to clear a path for Martinez to break away.


After encountering some issues in run defense to start the game (3 of the Aggies first 4 runs went for 6 yards or more) the Beavers defense smothered the UC Davis offense across the board.

Defensive Line: James Rawls (27), Semisi Saluni (25), Joe Golden (24), Isaac Hodgins (23), Thomas Collins (13), Quincy Wright (5), Tavis Shippen (2)

The Beaver defense converted 4 pressures into 3 sacks, including Joe Golden who picked up a sack and forced fumble. Throughout the game, the Beavers defensive front was generating pressure while also staying disciplined against the lateral movement that UC Davis was trying to generate both with runs to the outside and QB roll-outs. The D-line won’t generate many stats in this defense, but they very much opened up the game for the linebackers to make plays in this one.

Linebacker: Easton Mascarenas-Arnold (40), Makiya Tounge (38), Cory Stover (27), John McCartan (25), Sione Lolohea (23), Takari Hickle (22), Melvin Jordan IV (22), John Miller (20), Andrew Chatfield Jr. (15), Nikko Taylor (9)

One of the best ways to start off a game is to kick off and generate a turnover on the first drive, which Chatfield & Mascarenas-Arnold combined to do in this one on an attempted screen pass by UC Davis.

Sione Lolohea was disruptive in his 23 snaps. He had 3 stops, including shoving off a block from the tight end and driving the left tackle backwards 3 yards to blow up a run play early in the game. His sack came on a QB rollout where he stayed disciplined and kept the QB in front of him.

Calvin Hart Jr was hurt, which meant Makiya Tougne took up the starting reps at middle linebacker. Melvin Jordan IV got time in the rotation and was called out by Smith in his post-game press conference for his solid play.

Cornerback: Tyrice Ivy Jr. (53), Jaden Robinson (46), Ryan Cooper Jr. (46), Jermod McCoy (21), Josiah Johnson (13), Wynston Russell (7), Drake Vickers (1)

The Beavers’ corners played more than other starters, which makes sense based on their experience level. It was another up and down day for Ivey (6 targets, 4 catches, 60 yards and lone TD of the day). There is one more tuneup game coming for Ivy to iron things out, and he will be one to watch against SDSU.

Jermod McCoy was also mentioned by Smith as someone who stood out. He was targeted three times, and gave up two catches, but limited yards after the catch and had one of three pass breakups by the Oregon State defense.

Safety: Akili Arnold (46), Kitan Oladapo (29), Jack Kane (24), Alton Julian (14), Wynston Russell (7)

Along with Mascarenas-Arnold, Oregon State’s safeties were the highest graded pass defenders in the game according to PFF. The three reserves did not see a target among them, but Jack Kane and Alton Julian each picked up a stop in the run game.