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Well everyone it's your favorite 3rd place finisher back to give you my thoughts on the beavs...

First thing first Tinkle and the boys finished the year somewhat strong. Considering his contract, safe to say he'll be around one more year. But if The Pope doesn't come back lighting teams up running a legit offense it's safe to say no else progressed on the team. I like Tinkle but I struggle with the bouts of offense looking worse than a grade schools. The team progress next year in my opinion seals the fate of Tinkle. We either progress and he keeps his job or it's stagnant/regress and he's got to be gone.

Baseball is approaching conference play this weekend (we'll see how many games they get in) forecast is looking cold and miserable. I would say that favors us but it's the cougs, they know all about his weather. I haven't checked Greg Fuchs stats for them this year but without looking I'd say we won the trade and Sellers will be a stud this year. They open the season with a disappointing loss but I like to think they're just getting them out of the way. They've rebounded nicely only dropping one game since on the first of a double header. It's early and I haven't been able to watch much video. only highlights but as of now its hard to poke holes in this team. Turley is an absolute MONSTER, he will be a problem for years to come. I can't remember a freshman having this hot of start to as season. With Bazzana and Dirty Dernedde holding down the middle it should be solid. I hope the people that called for Canham's head after year one feel mighty silly right about now.

Major Shoutout to the wrestling team bringing home that Pac-12 Title!!

Softball has been inconsistent with some good wins and bad losses but I think last years team got hot at the right time, there's still plenty of time. Remember what I said about the baseball team, They're just getting them out of their system. Conference play starts up and let's get on a roll girls! Still baffles me they are the only team to take advantage of the beautiful cursive beaver soft. Can we get that on an alternate football helmet please? Preferably a white helmet.

Speaking of football spring practice started up this week and im sure you've all seen the dime from Chiles to Card. Woah. Let me be the first to say (here at least) I think he beats out DJU for the starting job this season. Smith isn't running a charity case and owes no one nothing. The best QB will start and I got a feeling deep in my plums its going to be Chiles. Maybe not Day 1 starter but by the bye week (oct 21) Chiles will be the starter. If not it means DJU took a couple big steps and you won't see me complaining about being wrong on this one. With above average QB play I truly think Smith and Lindgren's offense might be one step short of unstoppable. Benny G was amazing last year but you could tell with him at the helm the reins were drawn in a bit. Which should be a testament to the coaching staff. They knew exactly what they had and put him in places to succeed. The defense also helped a ton. I still don't think they were talked about enough, truly was one of the best defense's Oregon State has ever had.

Go Beavs and remember it's always our year unless you become a duck fan. It's never their year.

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