First Post...many more to come for the fans

BTD Commenter here...looking to have a few posts thru baseball szn...but you'll really see Brauns heat up towards football szn. stay tuned......

The basketball team has shown some life as of late. Leaving us pondering before the offszn looms, will this Tinkle ever turn into a steady stream? That's a post for another day, let's see how this szn ends. Pope's a baller for sure now let's hope he stays and gets some help. Otherwise I would feel about as same as I do for Damian Lillard. It's gotta be hard doing it alone night in and night out. No hard feelings from me if you leave Pope or Dame. Taylor regressed a bit early but low-key, I'm feeling a bounce back next year big time. He's been heating up let's hope it continues down the stretch. I really don't expect elite 8 runs on the reg. But some nights as of late I wonder if I could see more organized ball at the gym. From my very short research teams who reward a coach with an extension based on an outlier. It rarely reaps benefits. However Tinkle is owed a big 'Thank You' for ridding the program of the cloud that was the tournament streak. The stadium just lacks enthusiasm, the team lacks athleticism, it's just a tough product to sell.

Despite your opinions on Barnes, his track record for hires is starting to get impressive. Smith, Boss, Canham, need I say anymore. I don't when that buyout becomes do able but you got think its looming barring another deep run. Regardless I'll be watching and attending when I can. It does suck the stadium won't be ready for the spring game, I get doing an unveiling but cmon.

Onto baseball...when we gettin more seats at Goss? It can be turnt up a notch. Anyone know why Brock Townsend got kicked off the team? Lemme know. Looking to see Tyree Reed crack the lineup hopefully but if not I got faith in Can-Man's choices.

Before any of you come at me know this...I am a szn ticket holder with donation, contribute to the DamNation NIL collective, and all around attend as many sporting events as I can. Bowl Games, away games, all of it. I've supported this team for many years.

You can find more of my thoughts on Twitter @BraunsMetalist and that's it. Lets Roll. Go Beavs!!

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