"Can the Beavers repeat last year's upset against #12 Utah?"

September 27th, 2022

This weekend the Oregon State Beavers (3-1) travel to Salt Lake City, Utah to face the #12 Utah Utes (3-1) in a much-needed win for the Beavers.

Where: Rice Eccles Stadium, Salt Lake City

When: 11 AM

How To Watch: Pac-12 Network

Game History: The Beavers lead the series 12-11-1, winning last year at home in a 42-34 game. This would be the only loss Utah would suffer in Pac-12 play.

What Oregon State needs to improve upon:

Chance Nolan (10) needs to have a rebound game and show why he is the starter. Last week was a poor performance with 3 of the interceptions I would put on him. The offense needs to make better decisions with play calling, it's okay to play the small ball and nickel and dime the defense when needed. I'm fine with you going for a deep ball when we can, not when we're trying to play in a close game and you're down close.

Jack Colletto (12) was almost unseen last week against USC offensively. The Beavers have a great offensive weapon with Colletto, he has been such a great player all around for the Beavers and it seemed like last week he wasn't played when needed. I'd love to see him get the ball when we can, it's very rare he doesn't make a few big plays every game so give him the ball more.

Defense wins championships, this saying holds water for all football teams. If you want to win a game, a Pac-12 Championship, or a National Championship what do all those teams have in common? Great defenses. Look back to Georgia last year they had a Grade A defense. Last week Oregon States' defense looked strong and was able to hold a good USC offense to just 17 points. I just want to see the Beavers come away with more forced turnovers this weekend. If the defense can do it against Utah, it will give the Beavers a great chance to go to Salt Lake City and steal a much-needed game.

Betting Odds:

Spread: Oregon State +10.5, Utah -10.5.

Total: Over 55 -110, Under 55 -110

Money Line: ORST +300, Utah -365

- Sean Ketsdever

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