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2021 NBA Summer League: How To Follow Ethan Thompson & Tres Tinkle

We’ve got the schedules for both of the former Beavers stars.

Utah v Oregon Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

On Tuesday (August 3rd), the first of the NBA’s three Summer League extravaganzas tips-off in Sacramento with the California Classic, before a brief stop at Salt Lake City Summer League and then finally, the much more common and recognized MGM Resorts NBA Summer League in Las Vegas Nevada. To say the NBA has a busy few weeks on their hands is an understatement.

But for the countless players trying to find a roster spot and follow their dreams of making it in the NBA, these games couldn’t be more meaningful so below, we compiled the schedules for the two Oregon State alumnis in Tres Tinkle and Ethan Thompson, who are trying to earn their spot in the NBA.

*Please note, these schedules include only the MGM Resorts NBA Summer League regular season slate and not potential dates for teams who qualify for the post-season games.

Tres Tinkle (Los Angeles Lakers)

3rd Annual California Classic (August 3rd-4th | Sacramento, California)

  • Tuesday, August 3rd: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Miami Heat (5:00 PM) - N/A
  • Wednesday, August 4th: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Sacramento Kings (8:00 PM) - N/A

MGM Resorts NBA Summer League 2021 (August 8th-17th | Las Vegas, Nevada)

  • Sunday, August 8th: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns (7:30 PM) - ESPN2
  • Wednesday, August 11th: Los Angeles Lakers vs. New York Knicks (7:00 PM) - ESPN2
  • Friday, August 13th: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers (7:00 PM) - NBATV
  • Saturday, August 14th: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons (7:00 PM) - ESPN2

Ethan Thompson (Chicago Bulls)

MGM Resorts NBA Summer League 2021 (August 8th-17th | Las Vegas, Nevada)

  • Monday, August 9th: Chicago Bulls vs. New Orleans Pelicans (12:00 PM) - ESPN2
  • Tuesday, August 10th: Chicago Bulls vs. San Antonio Spurs (5:00 PM) - NBATV
  • Thursday, August 12th: Chicago Bulls vs. Minnesota Timberwolves (1:00 PM) - NBATV
  • Sunday, August 15th: Chicago Bulls vs. Memphis Grizzlies (7:00 PM) - NBATV