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Oregon State Football: Projected Depth Chart (Defense)

Will the defense take a leap forward?

Oregon State v Washington Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Beavers will release their depth chart sometime late in August, but here at Building the Dam we can’t wait that long. Yesterday we looked at the projected depth chart on offensive. Check out the defensive projection below:


Defensive End

  1. Isaac Hodgins
  2. Jeromy Reichner
  3. Sione Lolohea

Nose Tackle

  1. Keonte Schad
  2. Alexander Skelton
  3. Tavis Shippen
  4. Kelsen Hennessy

Defensive End

  1. Simon Sandberg
  2. James Rawls
  3. Omarion Fa’amoe

Outside Linebacker

  1. Riley Sharp
  2. Addison Gumbs
  3. Cory Stover

Inside Linebacker

  1. Avery Roberts
  2. Kyrei Fisher

Inside Linebacker

  1. Omar Speights
  2. Jack Colletto
  3. Junior Wailing

Outside Linebacker

  1. Andrzej Hughes-Murray
  2. John McCartan


  1. EJ Jones
  2. Alex Austin


  1. Alton Julian
  2. Kitan Oladapo
  3. Johnathan Riley


  1. Akili Arnold
  2. Ian Massey
  3. Ron Hardge III


  1. Jaydon Grant
  2. Wynston Russell


  1. Rejzohn Wright
  2. Jojo Forest



  1. Everett Hayes


  1. Luke Loecher

Long Snapper

  1. Dylan Black

Defense is a little more fluid than offense (particularly in the secondary). Linebackers will again be a strength. Avery Roberts and Omar Speights are excellent in the middle of the field. I expect Jaydon Grant, EJ Jones and Rejzohn Wright to play a lot and hopefully make things difficult through the air for opposing quarterbacks.

The defensive line will again be a question mark. Jordan Whittley and Evan Bennett both unexpectedly entered the transfer portal and are with new schools. I feel good about Isaac Hodgins, Simon Sandberg and Dionte Schad (Minnesota transfer). Depth is a concern and the defensive line is one position group that absolutely needs to rotate guys in to stay fresh.

Oregon State has hopes of going bowling in 2021 and they’ll need a better defense than fans have seen the last few years in order to do so. Is it September 4th yet? I can’t wait for the kickoff on week 1 against Purdue.