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Oregon State Football: Projected Depth Chart (Offense)

A new season is just around the corner

Oregon v Oregon State Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Beavers will release their depth chart sometime late in August, but here at Building the Dam we can’t wait that long. Take a look below at BTD’s projected depth chart for the upcoming season.



  1. Sam Noyer
  2. Tristian Gebbia
  3. Chance Nolan

Running Back

  1. Deshaun Fenwick
  2. BJ Baylor
  3. Isaiah Newell

Wide Receiver

  1. Trevon Bradford
  2. Tyjon Lindsey
  3. Anthony Gould

Wide Receiver

  1. Zeriah Beason
  2. Champ Flemings

Wide Receiver

  1. Tre’Shaun Harrison
  2. Mikaya Tongue
  3. Silas Bolden

Tight End

  1. Teagan Quitoriano -OR-
  2. Luke Musgrave -OR-
  3. Jake Overman

Left Tackle

  1. Joshua Gray
  2. Marco Brewer

Left Guard

  1. Jake Levengood
  2. Brock Wellsfry


  1. Nathan Eldridge
  2. Jake Levengood

Right Guard

  1. Nous Keobounnam
  2. Heneli Bloomfield
  3. Korbin Sorenson

Right Tackle

  1. Brandon Kipper
  2. Taliese Fuaga

The addition of Sam Noyer to the quarterback room injected new life into the starting quarterback race. I believe Noyer will win the job and give the Beavers the best chance to win week-to-week. Gebbia and Nolan will not hand over the starting job though; it should be an interesting race.

The biggest question mark to me will be at wide receiver. There are five WRs who all have strong arguments to be named a week 1 starter. Obviously the wide receivers will rotate in and out. I expect about 7 WRs to regularly see the field on offense.

Running backs and tight ends feel like they are in a similar situation. Teagan Quitoriano and Luke Musgrave basically share the #1 spot on the depth chart. Both will play a lot. The same can be said about Deshaun Fenwick & BJ Baylor. They can almost be used interchangeably and both will get a decent amount of carries.

The most intriguing position group is the offensive line. The offensive line could be very good this season. Jim Michalczik has done a remarkable job with the offensive line. It used to be one of the worst position groups and now it’s one of the strengths of the teams. Nathan Eldridge should be dominate in the middle and Joshua Gray/Brandon Kipper are strong at the tackle positions. Besides the projected starters I also expect Heneli Bloomfield, Korbin Sorenson, Marco Brewer & Brock Wellsfry to seriously push for playing time. That’s 9 offensive lineman that the coaching staff have to feel pretty good about. And the coaching staff has even said they might rotate guys in throughout the game, which is not something Michalczik typically likes to do.

The offense has been the strength of the team since Jonathan Smith took over. This team seems a little light on star playmakers (there’s no Jermar Jefferson or Isaiah Hodgins). I do expect a couple of the young wide receivers to take a big leap this season though. Check back later for a look at the defensive side of the ball next.