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What Games Would You Like to See the Beavers Play This Fall?

We’ve got 7 games coming up. Here’s who the Beavers should play.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 30 Oregon State at Oregon Photo by Brian Murphy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Pac-12 Football is back in business, with the conference set for 7 games this fall. The plan seems to be for each team to play what is essentially a six game regular season, and then have every team also play on the same day as the Pac-12 Championship. This should ensure that every team has a shot at qualifying for a bowl.

This plan does raise an important question; what teams would you like to see Oregon State play? After careful consideration and a few beers, I’ve assembled my list.


As much as the series has been lopsided lately, you have to have the Oregon-OSU matchup. They still need to come up with a new name.


One of my favorite things about writing for this site is the emerging rivalry with The Ralphie Report. If we want to come up with more strange bets and twitter arguments, we need a game against the Buffaloes this fall.

Washington State

The Beavers have beef history with new Wazzu Head Coach Nick Rolovich. While Rolovich was Head Coach for Hawaii, the Beavers created a recruiting snafu when they sent some documents to some Hawaii students. Rolovich seems to have held a grudge since, and I’m excited to see this rivalry kick off.


I will never pass up an opportunity to clown on Chip Kelly, and the way his UCLA tenure has been going this may be the last chance we get for awhile.

Arizona and Arizona State

I’m trying to avoid California as much as possible, what with all of the fire, and the Arizona schools present a good alternative. The games are always close, and I am always entertained by the antics of Herm Edwards.


Among the options remaining the Huskies are my favorite option. It should be a good games, and with the Huskies going through a big transition, it’ll be an interesting matchup.

Anyway, those are just the seven I’d like to see. Let me know who you’d like to see the Beavers play in the comments.