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PAC-12 Cancels Fall Sports

The conferences medical advisory board does not feel it is safe to compete at this time.

Pac-12 Conference Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Pac-12 has decided to postpone all of its fall sports until next spring at the earliest. The conference announced its decision at a press conference earlier today. The move comes shortly after the Big 10 announced they were not going forward with fall sports.

The full report on the Pac-12’s decision can be read here. To briefly summarize, the Pac-12’s believes that the Covid-19 virus’s footprint is still too high in areas the Pac-12’s operates in; that information about Covid-19’s long term health impact is still coming to light, particularly in regards to cardiovascular damage; and that the infrastructure is not in place for the frequent testing and rapid turnaround the conference would need to compete safely.

Scott Barnes, Oregon State’s Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, has released a statement.

Between the Big Ten, Pac 12, MAC and Mountain West, four conferences have now suspended fall sports. The Big 12 and ACC have yet to make a decision, and it appears the SEC is planning on pushing ahead with their fall plans. That may include trying to get teams to join them for a single season.