A Veterans' Story: Watchig a Football game away from home

Back on Dec 28, 2004, I was at Bagram Airfield and I'd just gotten off watch and a game was on. To my surprise it was the Beavers playing the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the Insight Bowl. I'd missed most of the season due to training so I did not know how good of a season the Beavers had. It did make me think of the ‘01 season at the time due to the Beavers playing the Irish. Just watching the game or any game for that matter brought me a little closer to home.

But then again home was still far away. Sure, the game was on but it was on AFN (Armed Forces Network). You know during the broadcast they say they provide it commercial free this is only sort of true. They had commercial they were all just Army made. To understand an Army commercial, image public access TV but with an Army budget. I'll tell you the budget did not make it any better. Also, there is not any real beer either. Sure you can get the harder stuff...not that I'd know anything about that... cough, cough... Find a good Supply Sergeant…cough. What they did have is O'Doul's (non-alcoholic beer); I’m, sorry but what was the point. If you are going to drink it make sure it is really cold.

Thought like the game there were things that brought one closer to home. Care packages you'd get would be great. You’d get them from all sort of people school and different organization There would be all sort of crazy stuff in them. Heck, they sent over these mint cigars they were not half bad if you were low on smokes. The best thing to send is baby wipes. Now some guys would just rat thought the boxes but you know I took time to read the cards. The cards did mean something the words from folks back in the States and they were from all over the country. So those folks could be Wildcats, or Razorbacks heck, even got one from Beavers or they could have been Duck fans. Just knowing folks cared enough to send something nice to a total strangers was enough.

So to all off those that downed an O'Doul's and had to sit though one of these

Have yourself a happy Veterans Day

Thanks to all that have severed or continue to serve.

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