Brandin Cooks is the Key for the Rams to win the Super Bowl

Brandin Cooks will be that key piece that the Ram’s can utilize during Super Bowl LIII. His return to the Super Bowl will be a good way to prove himself as a player. Cooks is a very good receiver who I don’t think has gotten the recognition he deserves. A big performance on the biggest stage in football would be great for his resume.

One big focus you know the Patriots are looking at is the run game. Assuming Todd Gurley II will play in Super Bowl LIII the Rams run game will be very strong. Brandin Cooks deep threat ability will be a option the Rams should look for off of play action. The last game they were successful getting the ball into Cooks hands. He had 7 receptions for 107 yards. The last 100 yard game he had they won. Another 100 yard game for Cooks and the Rams will get a Super Bowl win!

Every year he has put up amazing numbers for a receiver. With the exception of his first year he has had more than 1000 yards receiving. This is his second consecutive trip to the superbowl. The first one was not a good experience for Cooks but this will be a good game to prove he is one of the best receivers in the league.

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