Who is Oregon State's best Quarterback Option?

Oregon State is in a tough spot. They have two quarterbacks that have proven that they can move the ball at times, but at other moments they have struggled. After a 37-35 loss against Nevada, a reliable quarterback has became a need for the Beavers Football Program.

Conor Blount

Conor Blount has shown to be a good candidate for a starter the rest of the season. He has been able to move the ball, having 580 yards passing in his three games. He has not played a full game yet.

He has shown to be a mobile quarterback that can move around in the pocket. Blount has also been accurate throwing the ball; 63.9% of his passes have been completed.

Blount is also just a sophomore and has two more years left. He has taken eight sacks this season. The majority coming in the first game of the season against a tough Ohio State powerhouse. Against strong defenses he will have to find a way to avoid that. In his last game he did have a fumble and threw a interception. His fumble was recovered and returned by the Nevada defense for a touchdown.

Ball security with Blount could be a concern. With the defense yet to prove themselves and struggling, to win games Blount cannot turn the ball over.

Jake Luton

Jake Luton came into the season as the starting quarterback for new head coach Jonathan Smith. After a concussion in their very first game at the Ohio State he, was sidelined. He got put into concussion protocol and was sidelined for the rest of the game.

In the last game against Nevada, he was put in after Blount and the Oregon State offense started to stall. He got the offense in a rhythm and had an amazing performance going 23-35 for 284 yards. Unfortunately he suffered a ankle injury and he was unable to return to the field.

Luton's injuries are a major concern. If he can't stay healthy, it is very difficult to have him be the starter for the year.

He does have a very strong arm. He is not as mobile as Conor Blount.

In the four games he did play last year, he did put up good numbers. He threw 61.5% with 853 yards. Luton does look to be a better candidate. He is more experience and the coaching staff did chose him over Blount during the first game of the season. He was injured in just four games of play last year and also suffering injury twice already this year.

Who would you chose?

Both quarterback's have proven they could be the starting quarterback. They both have shown areas that they need to improve on in the game. Each of them could use more game experience to lead the team to more wins.

Luton is a senior and he is currently questionable to play with an ankle injury. When he is able to play, would he be the best candidate for starter?

Would the Sophomore Conor Blount be a good quarterback that could lead the Beavers to wins this year and upcoming years?

The Beavers need a consistent offensive leader at the quarterback position; it's just a question of who would be a better choice to bring Beaver Football back to a winning record.

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