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Building The Dam Is Looking For New Writers & Content Creators

Come help us make fun Oregon State things and cover Beaver sports!

Arizona State v Oregon State Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Hey there Beaver fan and/or maker of internet things. We here at, SB Nation’s Oregon State Beavers community, are looking for a little extra help with our OSU coverage this season. Are you an aspiring journalist, blogger, or good at forming your thoughts on Beaver sports into sentences or any other form of creative media? We’d love to talk with you.

Here are some specific things that we’re hoping for a little more immediate help with...

Football and Men’s Basketball Recruiting: Do you love prep sports or have knowledge of the national recruiting landscape? We’re looking for someone to provide 1-2 weekly articles on Oregon State commitments and what’s happening with Oregon State recruits finishing their prep careers.

Volleyball Coverage: We’re increasing our coverage of Oregon State “non-revenue” sports and the Volleyball team is high on our list. We’re looking for one weekly post out of this person.

Breaking News: We’re looking for 1-2 people who can be assigned to watch for breaking news on an assigned day of the week and write an article about it for the corresponding day.

Life in Corvallis: Are you an Oregon State student who wants to tell the world what it’s like to be an Oregon State student? We can give you a place to do that.

Something else you think would be good for the site? Let us know! We’re always keeping an eye open for people with a unique set of skills.

For all of these positions, we’d prefer you have some previous writing experience but if not, we will still consider you.

So how do I go about applying?

If this sounds like you, just send a resume and a writing sample to or