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Who Assembled the Greatest Oregon State Football Team of All-Time?

The votes are in!

Chad Johnson #80

#Team Marcus won the popular vote and took home the trophy for assembling the greatest team in Oregon State Football History. Led by Terry Baker, Mike Hass, Chad Johnson, Jordan Poyer, Stephen Paea and more; I was able to win the public vote.

The fantasy draft sponsored by Building the Dam went through a rigorous selection process, which allowed me to earn the first overall pick (big shout-out to Travis’ dog). The snake draft format gave me the advantage of grabbing the top-overall player (in my mind) and then snag value along the way. Review how the draft went down below:

Ground Rules

  • Injuries don’t come into play, so you get said OSU player at full health
  • You get the player at their OSU peak (Pro seasons do not matter)
  • You are allowed to play O-lineman anywhere along the line (pick the 5 best linemen regardless of position)
  • Teams are allowed to run whatever offensive and defensive schemes they want, but must draft 11 offensive players, 11 defensive players, and 2 specialists (a kicker and a punter)

Draft Recap

Poll Results & Summary

Rounds 1-5

Rounds 6-14

Rounds 15-24

I decided to focus more on skill position players/specialists/sentimental favorites and less on the offensive line. Overall it was a ton of fun reminiscing about the greats throughout Oregon State’s history. As the winner I was encouraged to deliver a victory speech (clears throat, as eyes start to water):

“I am extremely honored to win the prestigious BTD Fantasy Draft. I am earnestly grateful for the recognition I have received for my efforts, because I am very sure that every other nominee/team for this award was as capable if not more, of winning.

Winning this award would not have been possible without the inspiration I received from reviewing stats, google searches centered around (top Oregon State football players), Travis for coming up with this idea and of course the loyal BTD readers.

I sincerely want to thank Leo Castaneda, Travis Johannes and Ross Parker for being worthy adversary's. Their efforts were valiant, but in the end just not quite good enough. I promise to uphold the title as ‘Greatest Oregon State Football BTD Fantasy Draft Team Assembler’ with honor and integrity. Thank you!”

Hopefully you enjoyed your daily dose of offseason Oregon State Football. On the bright side there’s only 190 days until Oregon State takes on Ohio State! The baseball team is working on getting pre-revenge for that beat down as I write this.