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Oregon State Football All-Time Fantasy Draft: Rounds 1-5

We’re drafted our favorite all time player and you get to decide the winner!

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Oregon State University Beavers
This wasn’t the first time Terry went first overall in a very important draft
Photo by Oregon State/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

Football season is over... Recruiting season is over... and unlike previous years the Spring Game will actually happen in, you know, THE SPRING. So while baseball and softball season are kicking off, and basketball season is winding down, we are here to give you your OSU football fix.

Welcome to the all-time OSU football fantasy draft: A multi-part series as we select 4 full teams of the all-time OSU greats, and you the reader gets to pick the champion!

Part 1: Rounds 1-5

The draft was 24 rounds (11 offensive players, 11 defensive players, a kicker and a punter). The first part of our 4 part series will break down the first 5 rounds. We went with a snake draft format and our draft order was determined by an intricate complex system involving tennis balls and Travis’ dog Oliver.

The order:

Team Marcus Russell

Team Leo Castaneda

Team Travis Johannes

Team Ross Parker

Ground rules

  • Injuries don’t come into play, so you get said OSU player at full health
  • You get the player at their OSU peak (Pro seasons do not matter)
  • You are allowed to play O-lineman anywhere along the line (pick the 5 best linemen regardless of position)
  • Teams are alllowed to run whatever offensive and defensive schemes they want, but must draft 11 offensive players, 11 defensive players, and 2 specialists (a kicker and a punter)

Without further adieu here are the first 5 rounds!

Round 1

  1. Marcus - Terry Baker - 1962 Heisman & Maxwell award winner. Named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year, was the first pick in the 1963 NFL Draft and defeated the NFL reigning champs in the College All-Star Game (last time that’s ever happened). Also he was a basketball star who played in the Final Four at OSU. Baker deserves to go #1 overall.
  2. Leo - Steven Jackson - When you look at one player in Oregon State’s football history to build a team around, it’s hard to argue against Jackson. He had the size, strength, speed, and hands to be a complete back and worthy of a first round selection.
  3. Travis- Derek Anderson- In my estimation he was the best prototype QB is OSU history. While he didnt win the Heisman, or set passing records he could stand in the pocket and deliver the ball with ease and while noone would accuse him of being a dual threat, you sure didnt wanna be in the way if the Moose from Scappose got loose.
  4. Ross- Ken Simonton-What a better way to start a team than with the all-time leading rusher at OSU. Simonton gives my squad a threat to score anytime he touches the rock.

Round 2

  1. Ross- Brandin Cooks- Does this pick need explanation? Yes? Fine. 3 words: Biletnikoff Award Winner.
  2. Travis- JacQuizz Rodgers- I don’t need to write anything here cause JacQuizz is the man
  3. Leo - Sean Mannion - With Jackson locked in at running back, any opposing defense is going to have to respect the run and who better than Mannion to take advantage of the play-action pass. Oregon State’s leader in passing yards would have a hay-day dropping bombs when safeties drop into the box to stop Jackson.
  4. Marcus- Mike Hass - From walk-on to three straight 1,000+ yard seasons and becoming a Biletnikoff Award winner (given to the nation’s top wide receiver). Hass still holds a number of school records including receiving yards in a career and a single game.

Round 3

  1. Marcus - Chad Johnson - I decided to get Terry Baker another stud receiver. Chad played just one season for the Beavers in 2000, but he was part of the best team in Oregon State history. He also caught a 97-yard TD that season.
  2. Leo - James Rodgers - Fly sweep. Need I say more? No, but I will. Rodgers speed around the edge would complement Jackson’s bruising runs and his hands would make him a reliable weapon down the field for Mannion.
  3. Travis- TJ Houshmandzadeh- I was gonna try to reunite the Rodgers brothers, but Leo snaked my pick right before. So I went with TJ Houshmandzadeh, a name I can spell without googling which has to be worth bonus points. Put him on the board... Championship!
  4. Ross- Bill Swancutt- All-time sack leader at OSU, gives me some mean machine on the D-Line

Round 4

  1. Ross- Matt Moore- Give me the famous Sun Bowl winner under Center to lead the way for my squad. Playmaker at QB
  2. Travis- Sammie Stroughter- Probably my favorite Beaver of all time. Electric WR and return man. Nothing got me more pumped than him lining up for a punt return and the stadium chanting “Sammie Stroughter! Sammie Stroughter!
  3. Leo - Isaac Seumalo - With my running back and quarterback in place, it was time to give some attention to the offensive line. Seumalo was one of the baddest and most versitile dudes to ever line up in the trenches for Oregon State. I bet DeForest Buckner still checks his closet for Seumalo after this pancake in the 2015 Civil War that shows the monster he was.
  4. Marcus- Jordan Poyer - My favorite defensive player in OSU history. The Astoria, Oregon-native (born in Dallas, OR) was a dominate corner for the Beavs and he racked up tons of return yards. He always a knack for coming up with a big play and just looked so smooth on the field.

Round 5

  1. Marcus- Stephen Paea - All you need to know about Paea is that he set a NFL combine record on the bench press back in 2011. He destroyed offensive line man at the point of attack and would anchor my defensive line.
  2. Leo - Scott Crichton - Speaking of versatile linemen, look no further than Crichton on the defensive side. He was a monster on opposing offenses from either the end or tackle position, forcing 10 fumbles and racking up 51 tackles for a loss. And yeah, he choke-slams quarterbacks.
  3. Travis- Dwan Edwards -There was a run on D-linemen so I wanted to grab my anchor before someone else did. Edwards stuffed the middle for some great OSU defenses and went on to a long NFL career. Also he sacked Tom Brady... Something we can all get behind.
  4. Ross- Andy Levitre- The former all-American would immediately give me a cornerstone tackle to protect my QB.

That completes the first 5 rounds. Who did great? Who did awful? You tell us in the comments below!

Stay with us the next few days as the rest of the teams are revealed and you get to tell us who wins.

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