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BTD Pac 12 Pick Em

Marcus and Travis are very smart

NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Current Leaderboard:

Marcus 46-16

Travis 45-17

Justin 44-18

Joe 42-20

Kyle 41-21

Patrick 41-21

Leo 41-21

Coach 41-21

Ross 41-21

John 40-22

Utah vs UCLA

Can Chip keep it rolling? No

Utah: Everyone

UCLA: ........

OSU vs Colorado

Leo is one optimistic dude

OSU: Leo

Colorado: Everyone else


Clay Helton gets canned after this year right?

ASU: Justin, Joe and Ross

USC: Marcus, Travis, Kyle, Patrick, Leo, Coach and John

UW v Cal

Justin Wilcox takes on his old boss, and very likely losses

UW: Everyone

Cal: Nobody

WSU v Stanford

Toughest game to pick this week. Can Wazzu avoid a post Oregon hangover?

WSU: Joe, Kyle, Patrick, Leo, Coach and John

Stanford: Marcus, Travis, Justin and Ross

Oregon v Arizona

Patrick is the only one to chose the answer we all are wishing for

Oregon: Marcus, Travis, Justin, Joe, Kyle, Leo, Coach, Ross and John

Arizona: Patrick

Who is right? Who is wrong? Tell us below!