Football Game Day Weather Report #6 Washington at Oregon State: Will there be a down pour?

For the early tailgating time of 0600 Pacific and into the start of the Beavers Baseball scrimmage at 1300 Pacific it will be partly cloudy with a 35% to 40% chance of rain. Temperatures start in the mid 50s and reach a high of 65 by game time. For kick off the chance of rain drops to 20% and by th half time the chance of rain drops to 10%.The chance of rain holds at 10% for the end of the game and into the drive home. With temperatures lowing back to the low 50s as the day end. Wet weather gear is always worth the load to carry. Remember, the last home game it rained after all despite there being only a 10% chance of rain.

The rain is not the only down pour to consider for this game. Washington will come into Corvallis with a powerful offence and a hardnosed Peterson Defense. They also are coming off an impressive win over the Buffs the 2016 Pac 12 South leader. So the Huskies are starting to hit their stride after a sub par per conference schedule. Thus, the odds makers rightful so are giving Washington about a three and a half touchdown win over the Beavers.

Meanwhile, the Beavers are coming off a much needed bye week. After going 1-3 on the year. Unlike the Huskies, the Beavers are trying to rebound from a mauling by the Cougs. This drenching was compounded by the lose of OSU starting QB Jake Lunton as he went down with a horrible injury late in the 4th qrt as the game was already out of hand. There are starting to be voices on the wind talking of a coaching changes when it comes to McGiven and the offence, The play calling and the overall offence scheme seems broken as it only ranks 79th in national in total offence. The Offensive Coordinator is not only one feeling high pressure conditions this year.

The Defense this year can't get out under a dark cloud cover either. They are 120th in the nation in total defense. The defensive third down percentage can't be too low either. The fact that the Beavers only have a handful sacks on the year also does not help them get off the field. The Defense can hold down the game for a half but just give out as the game goes on. There have been some good moments by the defense as it tries to keep the Beavers in games. The problem is time of position has hurt the Defense as the Beavers offence can't say on the field. The offence is currently ranked 112 national in this category; they only hold on to the ball for 25:57 min per game. The time of position is even worse as this includes the high amount of time the Beavers offence has the ball in the 4th quarter of games that have already been decided.

On he other hand the Beavers have a chance to win if they can achieve a lot of ifs. If Darell Garretson can catch some lighting in a bottle like in the Cal game last year. If they can return to Nall ball against the 27th ranked Washington Defense, If the Defense can come up with a way to keep Jake Browning and Johnathan Smith's offence from breezing down the field. This can only happen if the D line can get more pressure on the QB. Ifs are hard things to over come.

In the end there is always a chance for a Beavers win. Sure it is about 10% lower than the chance of rain for the game. What is hopeful for this game is it is in Corvallis and the weather there changes on a moment notice. So Beavers grab that moment and grab that rain gear and believe for the best.

Change your socks. Drink water and drive on the Beavers.

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