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Pac-12 Football Picks: Week Three

Some potentially tough non-conference road games are on the docket for the Pac-12

NCAA Football: Utah at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

The third (or fourth?) week of college football is upon us and it features many underrated match-ups. Oregon State hits the road to take on Washington State and Beaver nation is not super optimistic. In other news, USC takes on Texas; while UCLA and Stanford could be ripe for an upset if they are not careful. Take a look at how the Building the Dam’s staff sees things shaking out.


  • Robert Ingle: 20-4 (last week = 9-2)
  • Brian Moore: 19-5 (Last week = 9-2)
  • Travis Johannes: 18-6 (Last week = 9-2)
  • Joe Londergan: 17-7 (Last week = 8-3)
  • Marcus Russell: 17-7 (Last week = 6-5)
  • Leo Castaneda: 15-9 (Last week = 6-5)

Saturday, September 16th (2:30 PM PT, Pac-12 Network)


Washington State fresh off a dramatic come-from-behind victory over Boise State are the heavy favorites against a demoralized Beaver squad that will be missing two key pieces of their secondary (Xavier Crawford & Dwayne Williams). BTD doesn’t have much faith in Oregon State, but let’s hope we are wrong.

Brian J. Moore: Washington State

Joe Londergan: Washington State

Leo Castaneda: Washington State

Marcus Russell: Washington State

Robert Ingle: Washington State

Travis Johannes: Washington State

Friday, September 15th (7:15 PM PT, ESPN)

UTEP [0-2] v. ARIZONA [1-1]

An under performing Arizona squad heads to Texas to take on UTEP. It should be a comfortable win for the Wildcats, but anything is possible with #Pac12afterdark.

Brian J. Moore: Arizona

Joe Londergan: Arizona

Leo Castaneda: Arizona

Marcus Russell: Arizona

Robert Ingle: Arizona

Travis Johannes: Arizona

Saturday, September 16th (9:00 AM PT, ABC)

MEMPHIS [1-0] v. UCLA [2-0]

UCLA heads east to take on a good Memphis team. The early start time and travel could lead to the potential upset.

Brian J. Moore: UCLA

Joe Londergan: UCLA

Leo Castaneda: UCLA

Marcus Russell: Memphis

Robert Ingle: UCLA

Travis Johannes: UCLA

Saturday, September 16th (11:00 AM PT, Pac-12 Network)


Colorado has looked pretty good to start the season and that should continue as they take on Northern Colorado on Saturday.

Brian J. Moore: Colorado

Joe Londergan: Colorado

Leo Castaneda: Colorado

Marcus Russell: Colorado

Robert Ingle: Colorado

Travis Johannes: Colorado

Saturday, September 16th (4:00 PM PT, CBSSN)

WYOMING [1-1] v. OREGON [2-0]

BTD is all aboard the Wyoming bandwagon this week as they take on Oregon (GO POKES!) Unfortunately, the Ducks are favored and have look decent in Taggart’s first season.

Brian J. Moore: Oregon

Joe Londergan: Oregon

Leo Castaneda: Wyoming

Marcus Russell: Oregon

Robert Ingle: Oregon

Travis Johannes: Oregon

Saturday, September 16th (5:00 PM PT)


Arizona State has not looked impressive to start the season. A road victory against Texas Tech would be huge, but it’s probably not going to happen.

Brian J. Moore: Texas Tech

Joe Londergan: Texas Tech

Leo Castaneda: Texas Tech

Marcus Russell: Texas Tech

Robert Ingle: Texas Tech

Travis Johannes: Texas Tech

Saturday, September 16th (5:30 PM PT, FOX)

USC [2-0] v. TEXAS [1-1]

Two big-time football programs meet on the gridiron in the Memorial Coliseum on Saturday. Texas has not looked good though and many are expecting the Trojans to win comfortably at home.

Brian J. Moore: USC

Joe Londergan: USC

Leo Castaneda: USC

Marcus Russell: USC

Robert Ingle: USC

Travis Johannes: USC

Saturday, September 16th (6:30 PM PT, Pac-12 Network)


Washington is likely to roll against Fresno State on Saturday. But, Fresno State just took on Alabama so they won’t be intimidated. Also, former Oregon State quarterback Marcus McMaryion got some snaps in against Alabama which is pretty cool even though he didn’t win the starting job and I miss him.

Brian J. Moore: Washington

Joe Londergan: Washington

Leo Castaneda: Washington

Marcus Russell: Washington

Robert Ingle: Washington

Travis Johannes: Washington

Saturday, September 16th (7:00 PM PT, ESPN 2)

UTAH [2-0] v. SAN JOSE STATE [1-2]

Utah’s defense shutdown BYU last week and it should be more of the same as they get San Jose State at home on Saturday.

Brian J. Moore: Utah

Joe Londergan: Utah

Leo Castaneda: Utah

Marcus Russell: Utah

Robert Ingle: Utah

Travis Johannes: Utah

Saturday, September 16th (7:30 PM PT, CBSSN)


San Diego State beat Arizona State last week and Stanford wasn’t super impressive against USC. This should be an easy Stanford ‘W’, but don’t be surprised if SDSU keeps it close.

Brian J. Moore: Stanford

Joe Londergan: Stanford

Leo Castaneda: Stanford

Marcus Russell: Stanford

Robert Ingle: Stanford

Travis Johannes: Stanford

Saturday, September 16th (7:30 PM PT, ESPN 2)

CALIFORNIA [2-0] v. OLE MISS [2-0]

On of the last Pac-12 games is perhaps the most interesting match-up. Cal was supposed to be bad but they are surprising some folks. Now they get an undefeated SEC team at home to really see what they are made of.

Brian J. Moore: Ole Miss

Joe Londergan: Ole Miss

Leo Castaneda: California

Marcus Russell: Ole Miss

Robert Ingle: Ole Miss

Travis Johannes: Ole Miss