Heat catogrory 5 Advisourey: Just like our weather the bats will heat up to win

Heat category 5 Weather Warring Temps into the 100s degrees Fahrenheit forecasted today. I'd complete outside activates before 1300, as temps reach 90 degrees by 1200. Clear skies with 2 to 5 miles per a hour winds from the NNE. Tepms peak around 1500 to 1700. Insure animals and other live stock are shaded and hydrated today.

The Beavers Baseball team is also feeling the heat today figuratively of course. Seems like they unlike our weather just went cold in the game. They left a lot of Men on base. Sure some say that stat is what it is it is, But if they can keep putting pressure on they'll score more runs.

I guess you have to call replays on your own then. The umps are not second guessing themselves out there. If a ball is outside then it is a strike. Beavers will have to play and adjust to the umps. I don't have the greatest baseball mind but it seems the batmen have to adjust to both the pitcher and the umps out there. This it seems would be a hard thing to do.

Being the away team might help. As they'll get though the line up 1st and if they start fast it changes the flow of the game. Maybe start swinging early in counts every so often if they throw a 1st strike pitch. LSU it seems wont give up as many walks I bet. Look for low pitches

At any rate they needs to make sure they drink water Drive on and change their socks.

Go Beavers

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